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Quarandating: Dating in 2020

Welcome to the year 2020 where life as we know it has a bit of a plot twist! Pandemic life can be difficult, but it is tougher on those who don't have the companionship or support of someone close to them. Dating in 2020 has become unlike anything most of us have seen in our

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Make your Dating Profile Pop

Writing and creating a great online dating profile can be a real challenge.  Here are some things that will make your dating profile pop! 1. Pictures attract the person You have to have current and non-grainy pictures.  The biggest turn off when online dating is someone who has bad pictures.  To make your dating profile

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11 Reasons to Online Date

Online dating is full of curiosity, questions and excitement. These 11 reasons to online date can calm any concerns and get you headed down the path to love. 1. Lots of Options The sheer volume of singles concentrated in one place is the number one reason to take the risk on this dating method. Yes,

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Moving Past All Those Bad Dates

There were countless times I’d come home from dates frustrated for one reason or another. Mostly because it was yet another bad date. Maybe he had lied in his profile – telling me he was 35 when clearly he was 60. Or maybe he said he had a successful career and then I’d find out

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