LifeBytes™ Name: Sharon & Mariann, (aka, the gals behind “LifeBytes™, Real Stories”)   Age: We’ll just leave this one up to your
Asking a woman out is easier than you think! Just follow some simple steps to success!!
Chemistry is all that we want on dates - why is it so hard to find? If it is
@LaProvocateur says relationship rule #1 is that NO ONE needs their partner to witness what goes on behind closed
Name  Lola Speaking   Age – 42 Relationship Status – Single   Location – Western Canada   Best Date You’ve Been On:   With a Brit I met on
  I’m about to admit something that I am a little embarrassed about. The other day, while I was babysitting,
Leaving the past in the past when dating someone new is an important way to establish your new path
A learning lesson for singles who might want to think getting involved with someone who's married.

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