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Elli started off on her blogging journey simply to share the laughs, heartbreak, tears, confusion & craziness of dating. Along the way she discovered the Law of Attraction and consequently Deliberate Attraction, and is a believer in soulmates. Now, the journey is about sharing everything she's learning and empowering women to get everything they've ever wanted along the way.

8 Ways to Love First Date Jitters

If you're anything like me, you've probably experiences those first date jitters. I used to get so nervous before first meeting someone I'd feel like throwing up and start contemplating acceptable ways to cancel. But, there's no reward if you don't take the risk, so I had to learn ways to embrace the first date

8 Ways to Love First Date Jitters2020-07-06T18:03:11+01:00

Tips on Avoiding Time Wasters When Dating

Chances are, you know the type. You meet someone and spend the time getting to know them, and maybe even are falling a bit for them, only to find out they're "not looking for a serious relationship". You're frustrated because you feel like you just wasted your time. Early identification is key- watch for those

Tips on Avoiding Time Wasters When Dating2020-06-22T17:02:49+01:00

Why Are You Still Single?

I've been there - watching friends all around me meet men, fall in love, get married, while I was still alone, dating jerk after jerk after jerk. It's hard not to feel sorry for yourself and play the victim. And then the question rolls around in your head over and over. Why am I still

Why Are You Still Single?2020-06-15T14:42:16+01:00