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5 Tips on Naughty Texting

If you haven't already been doing it, more than likely you are curious about it.  What is it?  Sexting or Naughty Texting!  Yep! I said it!  Read on for some expert advice: Naughty Texting Tips: 1. Keep it Light You want to have fun with this!  Men enjoy the chase and women enjoy the attention.

5 Tips on Naughty Texting2020-05-16T19:39:51+01:00

How You Lost Your “Perfect” Mate

I know what you're doing.  You're brooding over "The One" that got away, rehashing the arguments and the very moment you walked away from each other for good.  You wonder what you could have done differently. Are you wondering if there is still or could ever be a chance to get your Perfect Mate back

How You Lost Your “Perfect” Mate2020-05-16T19:38:54+01:00

Bad Date? 5 ways to Turn It Around

If you have had a Bad Date, it's usually the first date, and that is non-recoverable!  Here are a few tips to help you through it and a few confessions of my own! Bad Date Classifications 1. The Drunk Oh this is always a fun one but BE CAREFUL.  This could be dangerous.  Many many

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Dating During a Pandemic

There are many single people in this world who have questions about dating during a pandemic. They're confused, concerned, maybe some don't care and are sneaking out of lockdown on the sly for a secret rendezvous.  Let's take a second to address this and get your thoughts. Dating During a Pandemic- Advantages First thing's first,

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