Eve Mayer

About Eve Mayer

Eve Mayer is an online dating expert who speaks on the topic of women empowerment. After 12 years with the same man, Eve found herself single, ready to mingle and completely clueless on how to date in the digital world. Nine months, 59 dates and 28 men later, she created the roadmap that will help you get the man you want. Eve's book Get It Girl Guide to Online Dating and Sextiquette is the must have handbook to any woman brave enough to tackle online dating. In December of 2013 during her TEDx talk, she introduced her concept of The Fearless Alter Ego which helps women go after what they want in love and life. Eve now speaks worldwide on online dating and women empowerment. Irreverent, hilarious and blunt, Eve's writing and speaking style will leave you smiling while knowing exactly the next steps you should take to get the life you want!

Why I Chose Online Dating

I’ve heard all the objections to online dating. I’m sure you have, too. They’ve probably stopped you from trying it for yourself. I want to meet someone organically. (Right. Like at the fruit stand, maybe?) I’d rather meet someone in person. (If you’ve had luck with that, more power to you, but the odds are

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Put Yourself First and Go For It!

Below is an excerpt from Eve Mayer’s The Get It Girl Guide to Online Dating and Sextiquette telling us how to Put Yourself First and Go For It! When I was growing up, I assumed that my mom had put her life on hold because of her love for me. There were times we didn’t

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