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Sought out for her practical wisdom, award-winning author and insightful coach Debra Kunz is a catalyst for deliberate growth in life and relationships. Her great passion is expanding perspectives and inspiring light bulb moments when a person realizes something new about themselves or how to make their life better. For info about her transformational book, “Love is Blind Only if You Are”, and for more dating tips, visit Deliberate Dating.

5 Techniques to Stay Confident When Dating

Self-confidence is a dating magnet, but it can be tough to keep yours when you’re surrounded by rejection. These 5 Techniques to Stay Confident When Dating help you keep your self-assurance and have some fun! Have friends who understand being single Staying confident when dating comes from within you and you need a support system

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Should You Settle for Less Commitment?

What if you really like this guy, but you aren’t sure if he wants a committed relationship? Should you settle for less commitment? It depends upon what you wanted in the first place and what commitment means to you. Is less commitment enough for you? Are you looking for a monogamous, exclusive dating arrangement with

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11 Reasons to Online Date

Online dating is full of curiosity, questions and excitement. These 11 reasons to online date can calm any concerns and get you headed down the path to love. 1. Lots of Options The sheer volume of singles concentrated in one place is the number one reason to take the risk on this dating method. Yes,

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