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CanDace Johnson Lifestyle Consultant, Author and Radio personality helps young women learn to live enriching and fulfilling lives. She offers one on one and group consultations to teach women the ropes on how to fully enjoy single life. Advising on lifestyle, health, fashion, beauty, dating, mating, relationships.

6 Amazing Ways to Make a Great First Date Impression

Being yourself and having fun will make you look more attractive. When you create an amazing first date impression, it will up your chances of getting a second. Here are 6 more ideas to make a great first date impression: 1. Have great conversation topics. Read the news the day of, or have show ideas

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4 Speed Dating Tips You Need to Know

They built speed dating on the premise that the first 3 minutes you spend with a person is crucial.  If so, a single speed date is built entirely on first impressions, and you need to make a decision fast.  I have some important tips I would like to share to enhance your experience. Here are

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Make your Dating Profile Pop

Writing and creating a great online dating profile can be a real challenge.  Here are some things that will make your dating profile pop! 1. Pictures attract the person You have to have current and non-grainy pictures.  The biggest turn off when online dating is someone who has bad pictures.  To make your dating profile

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