'50 Shades of Grey' shows needy, insecure women being used by a man purely for his sexual exploits. What
I miss him, I am trying to sit here and write a post about when is the right time
I wrote a post on my personal blog some time ago about what not to say on a first
Women everywhere are not doing themselves any favors by hitting the cocktail bars. @LoveMeNowHunt shows you a new game
How do we know what is a romantic gesture? @lbigfoot asks if we're doomed to just guessing?
Finding love is  hard, but I think a lot of times, us  gay guys can be a bit critical
  There is a natural progression in most deepening relationships; where intimacy and time nurture a natural ease. Dates became
Always trust your gut when it comes to dating. We may not like the answer, but we always know
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