Finding someone special to share your life and time with requires thought, effort, and dedication on your part.  You need to be committed to staying focused on finding the relationship partner who will help you build your life according to your goals. Now to decide on Dating Websites vs. Matchmaking Services.

Online dating is the second most popular way that couples meet today.  The most popular way couples meet is through friends and family.  Matchmakers have existed long before dating websites were created, but the matchmakers in years past were typically friends and family members who pushed two single people towards each other and didn’t charge finder’s fees. Nowadays, each major city has relationship coaches who work as matchmakers either independently or for a large company.  There are many advantages to using professional services to find your life mate, but how should you choose between Dating Websites vs. Matchmaking Services?  Here are important things to consider:

Dating Websites vs. Matchmaking Services


Dating websites are much more affordable than matchmaking agencies.  Many dating site companies allow members options to create free profiles and pay for the subscription packages of their choice.  Membership costs are about the same amount as a cup of tea per day at your local Starbucks, and there are often savings perks if you subscribe for 6 months instead of for 1 month or 3 months.  Online dating is very affordable for the masses.  Matchmaking services typically charge thousands of dollars per member, and you would need to be making an above average income to afford to join matchmaking programs.

The Process

Matchmaking services do thorough investigations on their members, and they typically conduct criminal, marital, and financial background checks on every person who wants to join.  After the background checks and interviews are completed, the matchmaker’s job is to arrange dates for members.

Online dating is a much more relaxed process where the member is completely in the driver’s seat.  There are profile questions that members need to answer to establish their memberships, online daters complete the profiles themselves, and they can choose the information that they want to reveal.  Online daters can also browse through member profiles at their leisure and reach out via email to anyone who piques their interests.

Many matchmakers strictly work with singles living in their local areas, which can be limiting for people whose soul-mates might actually be living in a different city or even country than where they live.  Dating sites will not limit members from connecting with others who live in other areas.

The Pressure

Being single can be tough, especially when you crave a meaningful emotional and intimate relationship.  It is a matchmaker’s job to introduce singles to other members in their organization.  If you don’t have a lot of time to browse through member profiles and you want guarantees that the people you are matched with are who they say they are, a matchmaker agency would ease the pressure off of you to thoroughly investigate potential matches before meetings even take place.  If you choose to go the matchmaker route, the high cost of matchmaking services and the interview process puts a lot of pressure on you and on the agency to make the cost and process worth it by matching you quickly before you need to pay costly membership dues again.

Besides matching you with potential partners, matchmakers should coach you on how to conduct yourself and dress on dates.  If your matchmaker doesn’t coach you to your liking, you’ll feel you’re not getting your money’s worth.  While online dating provides some relief from the pressure of being interrogated face to face by a matchmaker, you might find yourself feeling stressed about your chances of being successful if you don’t have a coach.  There are many factors to consider regarding Dating Websites vs. Matchmaking Services.  Base your decision on your finances, expectations, time, and comfort level.  Take the online dating or matchmaking service processes seriously and set goals to increase your chances of finding success through using either or both relationship tools.

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