From business to romance, trust is a critical factor in developing the foundation needed to develop any healthy relationship. However, when dating, people often perceive that they do not have to be as forthcoming and honest about specific details because it is a new relationship. Read my three warning signs your mate cannot be trusted.

Three Warning Signs

1. Flakey–A person who is consistent displays reliability; which in returns converts into forms of trust. If the person you are in a relationship is consistently being flaky, and displaying signs of inconsistency, it is a warning that he/she cannot be trusted.

One of the most important signs with this that they often cancel their plans with you. Or, they stand you up after making specific plans with you and leave you hanging. Regardless how they are displaying forms of unreliability, pay attention. Where there is smoke, there is a fire; and you do not want to get burned. Note their inconsistencies and don’t allow yourself to become a victim of their games.

2. Omits information–A habitual liar always conveniently omits information; which is the most important key factor to mention. If the situation was important enough to discuss, it was important enough for you to be aware of the specific details that can either persuade you to like to dislike the state of affairs.

Those small, or deliberate lies, are critical in establishing trust. You do not want to be getting to know someone, only to discover that the person you invested your time with is completely fabricated. If it’s not adding up, never hesitate to fact check; especially with the invention of social media. Doing your research is never a violation, particularly when things are getting serious.

3. Awkward Communication Practices–Does your mate wait until you’re not around to communicate on the phone? Do you experience an extreme delay in hearing from them49653e30-c9b9-0132-4596-0ebc4eccb42f? Are they being very cryptic about their plans?

If so, you definitely have an untrustworthy person on your hands. A person who is able to be trusted has nothing to hide and is often more susceptible to inviting you into their personal lives. If you have been conveniently omitted, there is a reason and you need to be on guard. If you’re being excluded from their daily activities and holiday  rituals, it’s because you cannot be included; which is a huge red flag.

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