Millions of women out there are trying to attract a quality man online as we speak. Unfortunately, a massive percentage of these women are unintentionally doing the exact opposite, creating profiles that will encourage creepy comments, sexually suggestive email, and messages from anything but the men that they hope to attract.  In this article I will teach you how to create dating profiles for the men you’re not interested in, so you could avoid ever writing the profile that pushes men away.

How to Create Dating Profiles For The Men You’re Not Interested In:

Step 1 :  Change into a nice revealing tank top that pushes your cleavage up to your chest.

This first step to creating a dating profile for men you aren’t interested in is a sure-fire way to attract plenty of “hey baby, wanna get it on tonight,” type comments. Except the variations of that comment that you receive probably won’t be nearly as G-Rated.

Step: 2:  Head straight to the bathroom for some bathroom mirror selfies.

Nothing screams mature adult like taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom.  This will help secure the sexually suggestive comments and increase the frequency of creepy emails.

Step 3:  Make sure all of your pictures are taken from far away or from deceiving angles.

This will ensure that you attract all the suckers out there who are unaware of camera tricks, photoshopping, or the logic behind not putting up any full body and clear pictures of oneself.  The unwanted men won’t notice and will still be super excited to talk to the mystery woman that you are.

how not to create a dating profile

Step 4:  Make a long list of things you don’t want in a man.

If there is anything that will help your dating profile to attract the men you’re not interested in, it’s filling your profile with an endless list of negativity.  All the losers out there feast off women who come across as negative, bitter, and jaded about dating.

Step 5:  Declare you don’t like talking about yourself.

After you finish your soul-sucking negative rant, end your profile by declaring that you don’t enjoy talking about yourself, and if a guy wants to know more, just ask.  Laziness and a blatant statement that you aren’t taking the process seriously is a great way to end a profile geared towards attracting men you aren’t interested in.

Step 6:  Whatever you do, don’t proofread.

Quality guys are looking for women who are intelligent and successful.  Good grammar will scare these types of men off completely.  Be sure to leave plenty of mistakes throughout your profile.  The more errors, the better.

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