Ever see those women with super successful men and get green with envy? Do you wonder why one of those single rich men aren’t with you instead? Well, first word of advice is to stop being jealous of what others have and focus on yourself! After years of working in the dating industry, one of the most commonly asked questions from women is “How do I attract successful single rich men?”  This question always made the hair raise on the back of my neck. Are there really that many gold diggers out there, or do women just have a soft spot for super successful men? Power, ambition, and success are known to be some of the most important qualities women look for in a partner. For you ladies looking to catch the big fish in the sea,  here are some tips on how to bait him!

 9 Ways to Attract Super Single Rich Men:

Successful, single rich men are the cream of the crop, so you better have your style together. Taking care of your body, skin, hair, nails, makeup, and wardrobe are all very important. Men are visual, so give him something to look at. You are competing with supermodels and beauty queens for these men, so you need to look your best at all times. You catch more bees with honey, so the sweeter and prettier the package, the more bees you will attract.
Men can smell out a gold digger from miles away. If you really want to win his heart, be real. Don’t act like a spoiled princess. He won’t think twice about dumping you for the next pretty face. Finding attractive women is easy for this man, it’s finding a beautiful woman with a soul that is the difficult part.
All successful men enjoy having their ego stroked. Just like a woman likes to be told how pretty she looks, men like to hear words of affirmation too. Don’t be stingy with the charm, but do make sure it’s genuine.
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All great men need an even greater woman who can be his support system. At work, he’s constantly giving orders and making tough decisions, so at home, he wants someone who isn’t on his payroll who really cares about him as a person.
Successful rich single men like a woman who is interested in their lives. Ask him about his passions in life, his family, career, and hobbies. It will show him you truly care about getting to know him as a person instead of his bank account.
Any woman seeking a very successful man needs high self-esteem and confidence. This guy has women falling all over him, mostly for the wrong reasons. Stay strong and show him you can handle the hoochies.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Meaning, don’t rely on him for your life to be fabulous. Have your own career interests, passions in life. You will be happier and your relationship will be stronger. This will give you time apart and make the time you spend together more interesting and exciting.
Don’t just be a pretty face. Impress him with your brain.  Turn on both of his heads, and he will drool over you.
You have got to be open-minded and up for anything with this guy. He makes last-minute plans, travels extensively, and it’s five-star all the way. A home body who is closed-minded will turn him off, and eventually he will get bored. And being bored for any man is the kiss of death.
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