I’ve never really been one for ‘checklists’ when it comes to dating, but one thing I have sometimes avoided is dating short guys. As I got older and let go of all tick-boxes, particularly with appearances, I soon realised that eliminating shorter men from the dating pool is ridiculous.

7 Reasons to Date a Short Guy:

1) They Tend to be More Confident

It’s very rare you meet a short guy who doesn’t ooze personality. Taller men already have a physical presence without even opening their mouths. Shorter men have to rely far more on their personality earlier on in life to create an impression and therefore often have great conversational skills and a sense of charisma. Many short men I know are witty and have that cheeky charm. To me, confidence is far more attractive than just height any day!

2) Who Says You Can’t Wear Heels?

A friend of mine always moans that she can’t wear heels if she dates short men (as she thinks it looks weird!) and so avoids them completely. I point her toward the likes of Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum and Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn! There’s no reason you can’t don your heels! Who cares what other people think the two of you look like?

3) You’re Immediately Reducing the Number of Men you Can Date

Contrary to online dating profiles where most men say they are 6″2, the average height of men in the UK is actually 5″10 and in the US 5″9. So you’ll be in for slim pickings if you refuse to date men shorter than 6 foot! Open your minds to short men and you’ll be swimming in a much more fruitful dating pool!

4) They Embrace Commitment More

If you’re looking for a committed relationship, the short guys are where it’s at ladies! A piece of research conducted by New York University found that short men’s marriages last longer and they’re less likely to get divorced than taller men and those of average height. So, for lasting love, date a short guy!!

7 reasons to date a short guy

5) They’re Less Caught Up On Appearances

Even though it might not feel very masculine, short men who are fine with dating taller women won’t be as caught up on appearances and will have the confidence to not mind his girlfriend or date possibly upstaging him in the looks department. This is usually a good quality for a man to have!

6) Shorter Men Live Longer

Yes, there’s actually scientific research to prove that due to a longevity gene, short guys live longer!

7) It Teaches You to be Open Minded

It’s completely each to their own with lists or rules of who we will and won’t date. However, it’s also important to consider how if the tables were turned, we would feel and perceive a man who refused to date us because of something associated with our appearance. They’d be missing out on a great girl perhaps…..?

What do you think about the advantages of dating short men? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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