Being yourself and having fun will make you look more attractive. When you create an amazing first date impression, it will up your chances of getting a second.

Here are 6 more ideas to make a great first date impression:

1. Have great conversation topics.

Read the news the day of, or have show ideas in mind to discuss.  The awkward silence on a date can be nerve clenching, having topic ideas will generate fun conversations.  Keep the topics you find light and humorous. Talking about the latest terrorist attack may be on par with the news, but it will bum you and your date out.

2. Dress to impress.

If you want to make a great first date impression pick an outfit that will make you look amazing.  Don’t leave the house looking like you were running to the grocery store, put on makeup and heels and if you are a guy a button up and clean pair of pants.  Make sure the person who is meeting up with you feels proud to be going out with you.

3. Pick a great place for the date, or the second place.

Try to pick a place for your date that will make a great impression.  Discuss what you both like to do or eat previously and look for something to impress the other person.  If your date is planning the activity, pick a cute place to have one last drink, a cup of coffee or dessert.

Great first date impressions

4. Be polite.

Please and thank you go a long way, but so does knowing how to eat properly. Being polite to the wait staff and acting like a lady or a gentleman will bring a breath of fresh air to your dates.

5. Listen.

So many people know how to talk, even more know how to pretend to listen when in reality they are just waiting to respond.  Learn to listen, look your date in the eye, ask questions about their interests and mention what they said in the conversation.  Listening goes along way, it will also help you really get to know them.

6. Be at ease.

Instead of thinking of your first date as a chore or interview, try to make your first date impression one where they felt relaxed and at ease.  People can feel your energy, if you want your date to have a great time, have a great time and treat the date like you are making a new friend, or a potential husband or wife.