We all know the different types of friendships that we have in our society, like in schools, colleges, and in the workplace. Everyone will agree that friendships help you deal with stress and keep you happier by doing silly, crazy or cute things you may like or dislike! But they can also be the reason for your stress, unhealthy, or unhappy feelings by affecting you in various ways. One study shows that people with close friends have a greater ability to fight disease than people who are solitary. Some friends can be like a disease and sometimes need our help to resolve their issues. Here are 5 tips to improve your friendships:

Give time to your friendship

It is very important to give time to your friends, even if you have to leave your tasks for a period. In case you cannot meet them personally, you can keep in touch with them by using your phone or on a social media platform, whatever works best for you in that moment of time. This will help you to work out which friends try to make the time you spend with them enjoyable and which ones are just trying to annoy you.

Share with your friends

Don’t wait to ask for a favour if you need something! If you know that he/she can do it for you, then don’t hesitate in getting the support you need from them. It is not shameful or annoying to get help from your friends you have a true friendship with and will help you at any cost. When you come to work out who your genuine friends are, you can share your fears and failures with them! This way you will feel more relaxed around them, and maybe your friends could have a better solution for your issues.

5 Tips to Improve Your Friendships

Listen, before you speak

Listen to your friends before you tell them your issues. This is a good way for you to observe his/her mood before telling them something specific about yourself. Help your friends out first, then speak about yourself after.

Friendships need patience

You should not decide immediately who is a good friend or a bad friend, just by one small act, whether it’s good or bad! By doing this you can work out and give some time to your true friendships. Sometimes we can judge too quickly and make bad decisions, which later on you can feel bad about and end up losing a close friend. So be patient before making any big decisions.

Join different types of friendship groups

Not every friend will like all the of the same things that you like! For example, you may enjoy reading books, but your close friend may not, you may like to travel the world and your friend may hate flying. So try to make different types of friends according to your hobbies and activities that you like the most. This will change your mood and motivate you, which will make you feel happier.

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