The saga that is my relationship with Aidan* has had its valleys and had its peaks. When Aidan asked me to spend the night at his house, we were on a date.  I have to say it was the best date we’ve had since reconnecting, and it was the perfect mix of comfort and alcohol.  You know how when your favorite show gets really good and then boom; it goes on a break?  You get all worked up and then have to wait impatiently for its return – that’s us.  We’re back to “non-dating” each other and things are going really well.  So when his hand rubbed my leg and the following words left his mouth, “you should spend the night” I wanted to spit my drink out but held it together on the outside while losing it on the inside.  I declined but said our next date I would, did I just agree to a sleepover date?

The sleepover date comes down to three things: comfort, sharing, and the morning after.  So let’s break it down and since my naked slumber party has taken place, lets see how successful I was at not getting kicked out of the bed!  I should preface this by saying, this night was not about breaking the “sex seal” – we ripped that off a while ago – nonetheless I was all kinds of nervous.

The Sleepover Date

Sleepover Date Must: Comfort

I’m the world’s worst spend-the-nighter.  It’s something I’ve been horrible at since childhood!  It’s hard for me to feel comfortable in a bed that isn’t mine. I’m the first one to wake up and upon waking up, it’s just a countdown to when I’m going home.  I didn’t wash my face before which is sort of like a Catch 22 in the sense that him seeing me without make-up was inevitable, it was just a matter of when. Next time around, I’m washing my damn face! Obviously I brushed my teeth and hair…well, it looked great – even though in hindsight I should have put it in a ponytail.  It would have helped the next morning. As for the actual sleep part, it happened pretty naturally & rather sweetly.  Verdict: He made me super comfortable.

Naked Slumber Party

Sleepover Date Must: Sharing

The good news is I’m not a blanket hog – I’m all for after sex spooning but sleeping an entire night that way is totally unrealistic!  This is a lesson I learned with an ex when one night I had a pre-hormonal melt down when he wouldn’t just lay there and hold me.  Oh, to be young & stupid!  I’d like to think I’ve dialed down the stupidity when I said hello to thirty.  So we started like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, then transitioned to an open-faced sandwich and come sunrise, we found our way back to one another.  Here’s something I figured out when I woke up and had to climb over him to get to the bathroom to see what sort of state my face and hair were in: sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door – pure genius! Verdict: he’s a total blanket hog, but I think he’s somewhat aware of that because a few times he threw it over me. Oh, what’s a nice way to tell someone they need better pillows?

Sleepover Date Must: The Morning After

At around 6:45AM I made that climb out of the bed to pee, wash my face, finger brush my teeth & check my email.  Did you think I was lying when I said I was horrible at sleepovers? I wasn’t. I was hell bent on looking like a fresh-faced version of myself when he woke up.  I knew he’d be asleep for at least another hour, so I lay there listening to him snore.  Oh yeah, he snores! That’s just one thing you just don’t learn about a person until you’re laying next to them in the buff!  After an hour of counting, calm breathing, and closing my eyes while trying to clear my mind, he woke up.  I said good morning.  He kissed me.  Verdict: a naked man and minty morning kisses make for a superb start to the day!

Sleepover Date Verdict:

When’s the next one?

What was your first naked slumber party for two like? Is there anything you would add for making the first one a success?


*Dating me makes you fair game for my blog & Aidan (not his real name) is aware of the blog. Bases covered.

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