How could you not want a boyfriend like your best friend? When you think about your friends, how many of them are similar to the kind of man you want to date? Each of the friends we have to bring something different to our lives. My best friend has seen it all, heard it all, been there for all the ups and downs, and she loves me anyway. She was there through the debacle that was the first man I loved. It was the hottest mess of a relationship. He went back to his first love, from high school. How can I even begin to compete with that? On one occasion I noticed he had a new tattoo of HER NAME on his leg! In his defense he tried to keep it hidden and the font he chose was actually very nice. I kept it together long enough to make it to my car, call my bestie and cry my eyes out. She reminded me over and over that he was SO not worth my time.

My BFF helps me tap into a different part of myself! She hears my deep dark secrets, helps me recover from ugly crying after front row seats to my family drama. Then I realized talking about all of her amazing qualities, and fulfillment she brings to my life:

I Want a Boyfriend Like My Best Friend Because:

My Best Friend is Smart:

You know how the saying goes “brains and beauty” is the complete package! She’s smart! She’s a college grad, holds more than one degree, and the girl loves to read! I don’t know if enough men know that being smart is sexy! There’s nothing more attractive than listening to a man talk about something I know little to nothing about. Also, can we talk about spelling and how so many men are horrible at it? If you’re a single man reading this and have a dating profile, do me a favor and have a trusted friend read it over and see what they have to say about the spelling and/or content.

My Best Friend is Funny

Not only is the girl funny, she doesn’t think twice before laughing at me. Sense of humor is something that I really want in a man. Can you make fun of yourself? Me? It’s a great way to break the ice on a first date. If the opportunity presents itself to make fun of myself, I always go for it! There’s potential in that moment to create an inside joke that only we will be able to fully appreciate.

boyfriend like my best friend

My Best Friend Works Hard

There is this misnomer out there that I want to dispel: men who call themselves “workaholics” are not a turnoff. Men who are dedicated and passionate about what they do have the opposite effect. My bestie has held jobs with unconventional hours, worked weekends, and that had zero effect our friendship. It didn’t change us being able to see each other or talk. What it did require was planning, and I can say that the majority of men I’ve dated weren’t that great at the “p” word. I want you to put some of that dedication and passion into building a relationship with me so that I can make the same investment in you. Even if that means planning a long weekend together.

My Best Friend Is Hot

The time has finally come to talk about looks. We live in a world that is deeply rooted in calling attention to what is and isn’t considered attractive. There are beautiful men and women walking the planet, no doubt; but did you know you should include yourself as a member of that elite group? My best friend has beautiful skin, fantastic hair and a great smile. I don’t really have a type, scratch that, if you asked my bestie she’d tell you I was lying. We both agree that I like men who are older, and although I say I want a tall guy, most have only towered mere inches above me. The thing about dating, specifically online dating, is that it allows me to open myself up  to meet men I wouldn’t have otherwise. So if you’ve found yourself in the company of a smart, funny, hardworking, good-looking person you my friend have struck gold!

Have you ever wished your boyfriend was more like your best friend? What qualities in your BFF do you admire the most? Please comment below!

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