You’re in love… you and your significant other are leaving toothbrushes at each other’s houses and can hardly stand the thought of an evening apart. You realize that all of those bad dates and failed relationships have led to this point – to being with this person who makes you so happy. You’ve thought about the long-term prospect of your relationship, and both of you seem headed in a more serious direction. But how do you know when you’re ready to move in with your partner? Are you ready for 6 Signs You are Ready to Move in With Your Partner?

Does this sound scary or exciting to you?

Moving in together isn’t just about having sex whenever you want it, or even being good roommates. There is a shift that takes place – you are both accountable to each other. There’s the mingling of finances besides the mingling of toothpaste and coffee cups. You don’t have your old apartment to run to if things get strained between the two of you – moving in together means you are both adults and you deal with your problems as they arise instead of running away.

6 signs you are ready to move in with your partner:

1. You have worked through problems together

Have you been going out long enough to have a fight? Did you reach a compromise, or did you just stop talking to each other? If your lives are constant drama, moving in together won’t calm things down – it will make things worse. Know how to work through disagreements before taking this step.

2. You can talk to each other

Communication is the most important part of living together. If you shy away from arguments or you aren’t willing to open up about your vulnerabilities, needs, or desires, you’re not ready to move in together.

3. You are prepared to compromise

When you share the same space, compromise is necessary. He might leave dirty dishes strewn around the house. She might leave clothes on the floor that you trip over at night. Both of you have different habits and it’s good to be accepting of this, and to be respectful of the other person’s space.

ready to move in together

4. You’re on the same page

Do you feel pressured to take the next step, or are you excited? There’s an enormous difference. If you are moving in together because you feel you “should” or you want to get married and think it’s a way to get there – DON’T move in. Work out your communication first.

5. You have discussed finances

There’s perhaps nothing more important than figuring out who pays what percentage of rent, utilities, etc. so that both of you feel good about your new shared home. If you are afraid to talk about your finances, or if you’re hiding debt or other things that might affect your relationship, then it’s time to share with your partner. Don’t get started on the wrong foot – you have to trust each other that you can count on being in it together if financial issues arise.

6. You accept each other’s history

You might hate that coffee table he’s had since college, but if it’s meaningful to him, let it be. If you want to keep your bed because you love the mattress, let him know this is important. Again, each of you has your own identity, preferences, and history – and if you can’t compromise, get something new together to replace it.

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