Gold diggers are everywhere and we’ve got 6 red flags she’s a gold digger for you right here! We see them portrayed on television and there have even been songs about them. Remember Kanye’s song, Gold Digger, “she ain’t messin with no broke.”? It is true, gold digging women want the best of everything. My own blue-eyed cutie has dated some of these women. (He tells me all the time how much he appreciates that I am not one of those girls.)

6 Red Flags She’s a Gold Digger

1. She Will Never Pay for a Date

When you are first dating a woman, it is natural to wine and dine her. You want to impress and show that you will be able to provide for her when the time comes. The only problem with this is that a gold digger will never offer to pay for any date in the future. For the first few dates it is okay to pay but suggest that you either split the check or if going to a movie, one pays for the the tickets the other pays for the snacks. It is what my fiancée and I still do after two and a half years.

2. She Wants You to Take Her Shopping ALL THE TIME

It is okay to go shopping together whether at the mall, grocery store or even high-end stores, but when she expects you to pay for everything she wants, it is time to walk away. When you start paying for everything, she starts adding more and more to the final bill. It won’t matter to her how much it costs.

3. She Only Wants to Go to Expensive Restaurants

A gold digger will only want to go to the expensive restaurants. My fiance took a girl he dated to an expensive restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. It is one of those restaurants where you order everything ala carte. Once you start ordering soup, salad, main entree, dessert and a bottle of wine, it starts to add up. This girl expected him to take her there all the time. It is okay to say no to going to these types of places.6 signs she's a gold digger

4. She Refuses to Have Date Night In

Most girls will enjoy a date night in of cooking dinner together, renting a movie and cuddling on a couch. Those dates can be just as romantic as going out. A gold digger will not enjoy this type of date. It won’t be acceptable to her.

5. She Wants to Go to the Latest Clubs

Especially in Los Angeles, there is always a new club opening. Sometimes it is a club that just changed their name, but it is always the hottest new club. A gold digger will want to go to this club, especially on opening night. Women like this want to be seen and it doesn’t matter to her how much it costs. Nights going to the club can cost you $75 a person before you walk in the door, factor in drinks and it adds up pretty quickly.

6. Complains When You Tell Her You Are on a Budget

When it gets to a point when your wallet is getting empty because you are paying for everything, she will complain when you bring this up. It will be unacceptable to a gold digger. She will not understand that there is no money to go out. She will only want you to spend.

The above are 6 red flags that the woman you are dating is a gold digger. If you don’t have the money to spend like this all the time, then it is time to find a woman who won’t expect you to spend your life savings on her.

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