They built speed dating on the premise that the first 3 minutes you spend with a person is crucial.  If so, a single speed date is built entirely on first impressions, and you need to make a decision fast.  I have some important tips I would like to share to enhance your experience. Here are 4 speed dating tips you need to know:

Create a checklist to gauge your candidates

When thinking of the proper candidate to actually go on a real date with you need to have a list that has a strict set of requirements that can quickly tell you in 3 minutes or less if the person is even worth your time.  This list is comprised of 4 very important components:

  • Looks
  • Brains
  • Relationship potential
  • Spark

4 Speed Dating Tips You Need to Know:

1. Looks: 

If you are not attracted to that person it’s not even worth your time, spend the next 3 minutes looking around the room for the one that gets your fire burning.

2. Brains:

Not everyone will end up with an Einstein or Marie Curie, but they should have the education level that matches yours (for respect reasons).  The easy way to tell how smart they are is to ask them questions that gauge how interesting they are, like what they do for fun.  Don’t just listen to their answers but their mannerisms, their articulation how often they say, “like” or “um” and the questions they ask back.  If you want someone who is cultured, for example, they shouldn’t say all they do is go out drinking and partying.

4 speed dating tips you need to know

3. Relationship Potential:

I know you are thinking, how in the hell will I know if someone relationship material in 3 minutes or less?  Believe it or not when you are reading the right signals you can tell just about everything about another person in no time at all.  Listen to the questions they ask you, is it about you?  Or does he sound like he is just looking for a good time?  Is she asking about your work for conversation reasons?  Or is she interviewing for a rich husband?   If a man spends more time flirting or looking at your breasts he may just be looking for a good time, and if a woman asks you questions mostly about material things, like where you work or live, she may be looking for a beneficiary.

4. Spark:

Butterflies are a real thing!  If you feel a spark,  it may just be lust but it’s still worth exploring. At the end of the day , we want to feel a wonderful connection with our partners, when you recognize a connection between you and someone new, especially since it’s an immediate feeling, it’s worth looking further into.  Honestly, it’s the one single speed dating point, to find those you have an instant connection too.