Serial dating has become pretty much the norm these days. Let’s face it, between Tinder, and online dating in general, the “grass is always greener” mentality is what most people subscribe too. It’s easy to get sucked in and think, “but what if that guy who emailed yesterday is better in bed than the guy tonight?” Or, “That girl I went out with last week was a better kisser, and the one from tonight is a little prettier, who do I choose?” Here’s the problem. When you worry that you’re missing out on someone else, and start serial dating, that can lead to some poor decisions and some big mistakes. That’s why I’ve come to rescue you with some advice and tell you

4 HUGE Reasons Serial Dating is a Bad Idea:

1. Risky Business

This one applies mostly to all the ladies out there, but this is serious, so listen up. We all know that dating, plus cute boys, equals hot sex. If you’re a serial dater, and date more than one guy at a time, that means you’re having sex with at least two different people during the same month. Trust me when I say, I’m not judging you. Here’s the thing: you really don’t want to be that girl who misses her period and has to wonder who the father is. Even if you don’t wind up pregnant, the stress of being late is not worth it! Seriously, that is a really crappy position to be in. So, if you’re going to serial date, and therefore sleep with more than one guy at a time, be extra careful!

2. Taking Chances

This reason alone explains why everyone should be careful when it comes to dating multiple people. This reason is HUGE. You don’t want to catch an STD. That will ruin your dating, relationship and most importantly your sex life F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! Is it really worth it to have to be the one who has to call up all the people you’ve slept with in the past year and tell them you’ve caught something and they should go get tested? That will take all the fun and pleasure you’ve had in bed and throw it out the window.

Serial dating is a bad idea

3. Who’s, Who?

Onto a lighter note, and yet still very important, keeping track of who’s who is essential. When you date a bunch of people, it’s really hard to remember everyone’s backstory, where they grew up or went to college, or how they like their coffee. It’s very difficult to accurately keep everyone’s stories straight. What happens when you’re out to dinner and start chatting with one guy about how he played football in college, and he looks at you like you’re completely crazy because he did no such thing. You accidentally mixed him up with the guy from the other night. That’s a major no-no if you want to keep anyone around. What I recommend: date a few people until you meet someone you’re interested in getting to know on a deeper level. Once you realize you’ve met someone you actually like, stop worrying about if there’s someone better out there. Give your attention and energy to the person you like, and if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll know it wasn’t because you stuck your foot in your mouth at dinner.

4. Missed Opportunities

What if your soulmate was someone who you talked with briefly, maybe went on a date or two with, but you decided to keep dating a bunch of other people because you thought there could be someone better you were missing out on? Seriously, it happens all the time. Prioritizing your “dating life” and scheduling a bunch of first or second dates, fills up your calendar, and when someone who could be an ideal match for you asks you out and you have to put him off for two weeks because you’re booked up with first dates, you might miss out on a great opportunity. Don’t waste that chance to go out with someone you really like, to go on a first date. Invest in someone you like, because in two weeks, if you don’t make time for them, they might assume you’re not interested and find someone else who is.

Now you know why serial dating is a bad idea. Honestly, I say don’t bother with it if you meet someone you want to pursue past a fourth date (or a month). Give yourself your own timeline and don’t make one of these 4 huge mistakes that could cost you big time!

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