If you haven’t already been doing it, more than likely you are curious about it.  What is it?  Sexting or Naughty Texting!  Yep! I said it!  Read on for some expert advice:

Naughty Texting Tips:

1. Keep it Light

You want to have fun with this!  Men enjoy the chase and women enjoy the attention.  This means you should leave some things to the imagination.  People are creative, visual beings.  You aren’t writing a novel; you are hinting at some fun that may or may not happen.  You’re building the anticipation.  Enjoy sending little flirtatious messages that will make the other fill in the blanks with their vivid imagination!  Make your lover smile and get a little pitter pat in their heart, but don’t lead them to the point of no return. (Don’t make me explain that!!)

2. Timing

Never randomly send a sexy message unless you know where the other person is and what they are doing.  A Naughty Text sent while your lover is in a boardroom meeting or at the hospital with a sick relative is not a good idea!  Make sure your flirtations are welcome and you each have the time to enjoy a little fun. Just remember, a Naughty Text sent at the wrong time could lead to hard feelings and stress.

5 Tips on Naughty Texting

Some texts can make a person’s day!


3. Remember the Audience

Unless you are sending Naughty Texts to your spouse, keep in mind that your messages may shown to friends of your lover or date!  Who doesn’t want to share the overwhelming sexiness that boosts our egos and makes us smile? In this electronic world, privacy is next to none.  That leads me to the next point…

4. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you feel comfortable enough to send a flirty photo, make it just that…FLIRTY.  This is not porn!  A photo of your goods should not replace the actual thing.  Build the anticipation and make your lover want you physically.  Don’t let photos replace you! The most important thing about photos is again: Remember the Audience!  Your future may be at stake if you send graphic photos with your face or distinguishing marks included.  (How many people have lost their jobs because old, sexy photos have surfaced?) KNOW YOUR WORTH.

5. Embrace Your Sexiness

Flirty, Naughty Texts can boost your ego and lead you to explore thoughts and feelings you may be curious about.  Unless it’s with a spouse or a long-time lover, keep in mind that anyone who only contacts you when they want to play is just that: a playmate. Have FUN with it but remember all the above tips and most of all… Love yourself first, Embrace your sexiness, and enjoy life Guiltlessly.


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