There are many single people in this world who have questions about dating during a pandemic. They’re confused, concerned, maybe some don’t care and are sneaking out of lockdown on the sly for a secret rendezvous.  Let’s take a second to address this and get your thoughts.

Dating During a Pandemic- Advantages

First thing’s first, you will not meet on blind dates, at coffee shops, or at the local pub.  This is very much like long-distance dating! Let’s look at the bright side: you don’t have to search for the perfect outfit just yet.

You will want to take the plunge and get on a well known online dating website.  Hey! I know of one! Singles Warehouse is free!  Time is on your side.

With everything going on in the world, you instantly have something in common to talk about!  This may give you a chance to get to know one another’s vulnerabilities, ideas about family (for example, I worry about my mum), or actual work situations since many of us are working from home or perhaps laid off.  You can also see how stress is dealt with by the other person, as these are stressful times!

You have the time to form an emotional bond without the pressure of your friends or outside sources constantly asking you multiple questions.  Right now, you don’t have to tell your best friend that you can’t meet for Thursday wine because you are meeting “Brad” or you will miss playing WoW because you are going out with “Stephanie”.  Questions about how your date went won’t overwhelm you.  How lovely!

Your alternative way of connecting may be more satisfying with less distraction.  You will have a deeper connection than previously. What may have taken 25 dates to accomplish now may take 15 “new way” dates to connect.

There are many ingenious ways to date virtually! How about dinner?

Pandemic Dating- How To’s

But what can you do for fun when dating during a pandemic? Oh! The possibilities are endless in this day and age!  This is exciting. Are you ready for Virtual Dates?

Live Streaming Concerts are one of my favorite things that has happened during the pandemic! It is so fun to jump on Facebook or Instagram to join your favorite artist live in concert.  You can do this together via Facetime, Messenger, or other means.

Virtual Museum Tours are happening all over the world!  You can travel to nearly any city and have a virtual guide through the exhibits together.  Hey! Don’t forget to dress up a little, at least from the top up! Ladies, do your hair and make-up. Gents, spiffy up a bit!

Zoom Workouts little did I know that you can work out in a multitude of different cities than where you live.  I heard that the couple who works out together stays together!

Online Games, Reading Books, or Cooking Together Let’s have some fun, play some games, cook the same meal, read a book together.  The possibilities are endless!

Be The Light

Don’t give up hope. There are always ways to make dreams come true.  Be the light at the end of the tunnel.  Don’t look for it, BE it.  Dating during a pandemic can differ from what you are used to, but it just may be exactly what you need!

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