Who likes a cocktail? Maybe the question should be who doesn’t?  Well, stop right there.  Do not say another word or move another muscle.  I have some very important news for you that should change your life.  That is, if you are a single, fabulous woman who wants to meet a wonderful man.  Ladies, it is time to banish the cocktail bars and ditch the makeup.

Banish the Cocktails

What you are doing right now is not working for you, right?  You have tried speed dating, online dating, blind dating and if there was door-to-door house dating, you’d be trying that too.  You have read the usual tips on how to meet guys: go out more; be more forward; get a hobby; join a fitness class, etcetera, etcetera.  And you have done all that too many times over.

But just take a step back for a moment and think about this.  These wonderfully chic, sophisticated wine and cocktail places you frequent with your equally wonderfully chic, sophisticated girlfriends (also single), wearing your wonderfully chic, sophisticated (not to mention elegant) dress, heels and hairstyle (all perfectly coiffed) are not doing you ANY favours.  Why? I hear you ask.  Well, who frequents these swanky, glamorous bars (apart from your good self)?  MORE women like your good self and… gay men.  And if there are any heterosexual males there, they would be the well-groomed, eyebrow plucked, hair over-done types–nobody wants to date a man like that, do they?

I know it is pretty much hard to swallow right now and when I had this self-realisation myself; I became a little concerned.  No more cocktails?  No more lounge bars with funky music?  Forget about cute foreign bar men??  ‘Afraid so.  It is now time to banish the glossy hair and lips, chuck your 4 inch stilettos in the back of your closet (save them for when you are dating your 6’2” hunk of a boyfriend!) and start hitting the sports bars and grimy, old man’s pubs.

I know you have spent all of your thirties avoiding such hideous, smelly, ugly places where you spent ages ordering a cider and black and throwing up in the toilets at 23 years of age, but it’s now time to revisit them.  This (sadly) is where the real men are.  Some not very nice men, but some ‘ordinary’ type men where they are just chilling out with their mates and not eye-ing up every other woman in the bar.

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Ditch the makeup

A New Game Plan

So I can’t dress up anymore and look pretty anymore? Unfortunately, that is the harsh reality of it all.  Do you do any of the following when getting ready to go out: spend ages agonising about what to wear, how to style your hair, which shoe colour, eye shadow colour and nail colour would look best with your new purchased outfit?  If you answered yes to any of these, then it is time to take part in my experiment.

I am setting out a challenge to all women who truly want to meet a genuine guy. I am setting out a challenge to all women who truly want to meet a genuine guy and are sick to death of going out hoping some guy out there will ask for your number.  Gorgeous as you may be dolled up to the nines; it naturally gives off an air of high maintenance to some men and can only work for you in the short run.

The Challenge.  On your next night out (where you will visit a sports bar/pub), put on trainers or flat shoes, wear loose, comfortable clothing, comb your hair but no styling products and just wear cover-up makeup because we all know that some things need covering up! Give it a go–what do you have to lose?

So, time for me to take my advice: Banish the Cocktail Bars and Ditch the Makeup, get off this laptop and venture to the not-so-pretty pub in my area and see what desirables are there waiting for me.  Barefaced and all, and without a cocktail in sight.

Good luck to one and all!  Can’t wait to hear how you all get on.


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