Online dating is full of curiosity, questions and excitement. These 11 reasons to online date can calm any concerns and get you headed down the path to love.

1. Lots of Options

The sheer volume of singles concentrated in one place is the number one reason to take the risk on this dating method. Yes, there are some men you would never want to meet, but you are only looking for one so sift through the options and give yourself a chance to find your man.

2. Automatically Weed Out the Non-Matches

It’s easy to find out if he meets your deal breakers by reading his profile.  You’ll also get a feel for his interests and the type of woman he’s looking for so that you only interact with men who might be a match.

3. Saves Time is a Certain Reason for Online Dating

Because you know if he meets your deal breakers like smoking, kids or marital status, you won’t waste time dating men who don’t meet them.

4. Experiment with Different Kinds of Men

Where else could you meet so many different kinds of men in one place? If you’re new to dating it gives you a chance to experiment with dating a little and find out who really is your ‘type.’

5. Specialty Online Dating Sites

If you have a special interest, religious preference, age group or another focus you can probably find a specialty online dating site just for you.

reasons to online date

6. Meet Men You Would Never Meet Otherwise

Mr. Right may not be in your current social or professional circles, and he may not live near you. One of the key reasons to online date is to break out of your routine and meet different men.

7. People Have Met Their Match and Married

The commercials talking about how many people have married from meeting online are true. I know several people who have met their spouse online.

8. Zero in on Your Type

If you know ‘your type’ and are convinced that type is just for you, another reason for online dating is narrowing your focus to only find him.

9. Relationship Minded Men are Online

Despite the stereotypes you may have heard, there are lots and lots of relationship minded men who are dating online. They want to find a woman to share their life with and are stretching out of their comfort zone to try another way to meet women.

10. You Can Ask What You Really Want to Know

Depending upon the format of the online dating site you choose, there’s a communication process that includes an expectation of frank, pointed questions. It gives you license to ask what you really want to know instead of making small talk for several emails.

11. What If…

The final reason for online dating is wondering if your Mr. Right, the one who is searching just for you, is dating online and you won’t even try it. You might be missing out on the love of your life.

What do you think of the 11 reasons to online date?


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