Congratulations, you made it past the “First Date Gate”! There was enough of a spark, or just interest, to warrant planning a second date. This is your chance to make it memorable. You’ve gotten past the opening niceties, the Q & A’s about your job, kids (if you have any), likes and dislikes, hobbies. Now what? This is your chance to delve deeper find out more and to really impress one another! The second date is really critical because you’re now (BOTH of you) getting a chance to see how you’ll get along in the “real world” and not the somewhat bizarre world of “the ice-breaker date”. You’ve Made It To The Second Date…Now What? What to do, what to do? Here are some ideas:

Show You’ve Been Paying Attention

Show your date you’ve really read their profile and not just skimmed it.  This is your golden chance to show that you’ve been paying attention. You found their online profile different, special or more interesting than all the others. Show your date you’ve really read their profile and not just skimmed it. If you find that you and your date are:

Avid Readers
Go on a date to the bookstore. It’s a great way to get into a conversation about what books they’ve read, their favorites and why. You’ll learn a lot more about your date than you would from a garden-variety conversation. Better yet, go on a date to the library…yes the library. Same exploration as above but you’ll have to whisper…and put your heads close to one another…pretty sexy…especially for a book-geek 😉

Expectations always go through the roof on the third date!

Dog Lovers:
Pack a picnic lunch and head to the dog park. If your date is a dog owner, you’ll get a first hand look at what kind of doggie-parent he or she is. Don’t laugh, even if you’re not looking for the future co-parent of your children, seeing the nurturing side of your date can be very telling.

Try a couples cooking class. Most cities have culinary schools that offer hobby cooking classes, and often times the local kitchenware stores will offer classes too (I.C.E. In New York and Williams Sonoma are two places I’ve personally tried…both fun!). As a hobby chef I can tell you, I’m at my most relaxed when I’m slicing and dicing so your foodie-date will be at his or her most laid-back and open. When you get past the first date jitters and can just be yourself…well, sometimes that’s when the magic happens.

No, I’m not going to suggest tickets to a game. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have noticed that all the activities so far offer the most opportunity for no-pressure fun and communication. Have your date teach you a new athletic skill, or just enjoy some mutual activity. Ice-skating (and cuddle up over hot-cocoa after), racquetball (something really sexy about getting all sweaty, right?), golf (gets your dates arms around you as they show you the correct putting form). Even if you’re not the athletic type you can find something physical and outdoorsy to try.

You get the idea, really read that profile and find the creative date that puts you both in your comfort zone, erases the question of now what, and allows for the best most open communication… let me know how it goes.