Love On The Rocks by @lbigfoot

love on the rocks

Love On The Rocks by @lbigfoot

Reaching out to my fellow bloggers and readers for help. This is not my regular post, it is a serious question.  My new relationship is a love on the rocks.


Every relationship goes through rocky periods, but whether they survive them is a different question…


How Soon Is Too Soon For A Commitment?

My girl and I have been dating for three months and it has been great, a lot of fun. However, she is now pressuring me for a commitment. Commitment to what? To marriage and children! My feeling is that I am still getting to know her. I do not know if she is the one who I will allow to make my life an absolute misery. I think that I need a few more months.  I feel that it is too soon to make that sort of big life decision.  I would like to spend more time getting to know each other.


Life Challenges

In addition to my dilemma, I have other life challenges that I am facing.  I am undergoing a huge operation next week and my thoughts are there.  What I need right now is love and support to be able to go through the challenges I have to face.  I’m not afraid of marriage or the topic of marriage, I just want to do it at the right time with the right person.  I’m just not there yet.  It doesn’t mean I won’t get there, but I’m just not there now.  My girl has already mapped out our future for me: we will get married, have twins, move to a bigger apartment and get a dog. All very nice, but where is my say here? Am I just the sperm donor? Is our love on the rocks? Do I love her? Should I get out now?



Kill Me Now!

Get out and date, my friends!

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