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Ah the first date! To make a good impression there are a few key subjects that should be approached with caution or avoided altogether. Each of these subjects could possibly change the mood of the date for the worse. I recently had an encounter with someone that said all the wrong things when meeting me for the first time including telling me about an upcoming court date and a restraining order against an ex. Yikes! I walked away from this meeting feeling totally uncomfortable. If only someone would have told this guy to keep the convo light and airy. To avoid awkward situations like these, here are a few things to help you avoid awkwardness on a first date:


1. Agree to meet in an environment that is comfortable for your date

First off, when going out for a date, discuss meeting somewhere that makes you both feel comfortable. If your date wants you to come to their place, but you wouldn’t feel totally at ease there, suggest a public place to meet up. Any reasonable person will understand you wanting to have a say in where you have the date. Never agree to a dating scenario that makes you uncomfortable.


2. Talking about your ticking biological clock

It’s definitely a good thing to know what you want, but avoid being overly eager by letting your desire for marriage and kids stop you from getting to know your date first. Jumping the gun with subjects that are too serious too early will put off your date and possibly make him or her lose any interest he or she had. Your date may want to get married and have kids one day, but it’s usually better to let the subject come up naturally rather than to oversell it prematurely.


There are so many more conversation no-no’s than you might think on a first date…


3. Your medical history

Talking incessantly about medical issues can be a huge buzz kill. No one needs to know about your restless leg syndrome or your bout with gout. Keep the convo positive and avoid any weird gross-out or cringe-worthy subjects that can turn your date off almost instantly.


4. Politics and religion

These two subjects aren’t totally off-limits, but only if you can talk about them respectfully. Avoid these subjects if you get so fired up that you may take these discussions personally. It can instantly suck the fun out of an enjoyable evening. Care should be taken when discussing such sensitive topics. It can be the difference between an informed intelligent conversation and angry argumentative hate fest.


5. Anything else inappropriate that would scare or offend your date

If there is anything that would make your date uncomfortable, it would be smart to steer clear of those subjects. No tales of tragedy or the highlights of a recent arrest. There should be a reasonable feeling of safety, not fear, danger, or disgust.


Remember early dates should be a laid back get-to-know you session. Anything that may cause the night to turn sour should be avoided if possible. Keep the conversation light, fun, and informative. The goal is to share a fun evening with someone new…not to frighten, gross out, or shock your date. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a good one.


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