Everyone has a past, but not everyone wants to hear about your past. When you start dating someone exclusively you start to talk about your past relationships and why they did not work out. It is OK to talk about your past with your new partner, but going too much in-depth will cause issues for your mate.  Leaving your past in the past is key. Your new mate doesn’t want to hear every detail.

Dating and Leaving the Past in the Past

When people start to feel comfortable with their new mate, they start to shoot off at the mouth a little too much. I have had ex-boyfriends tell me all about their ex-girlfriends and I really could care less. I am assuming it didn’t work out because if it had you wouldn’t be with me. I feel that you can talk about why it didn’t work out, but after you stated that reason there is no need to bring it up again.

Leaving the past in the past is never easy, but it’s always worth it…

If your ex cheated learn to forgive and forget and don’t put that on a new love interest.  People don’t need to hear that your ex cheated and you despise them. Once you start talking about your exes a lot your mate will start to think maybe you aren’t over them yet. Also, if a past love did cheat on you or lied to you a lot, do not put that on your new mate. There is nothing worse than being accused of things you never did because of your trust issues.

Before you start dating a new person forgive your past relationships and forget what happened in those relationships.  Trust and communication are huge factors in relationships and if you are harbouring old feelings for an ex they will notice. Sometimes it is best to leave things unsaid. Especially if they have nothing to do with it.  A lot of relationships fail because of trust issues and a lot of relationships could have been saved if you took the time to get over your last relationship before you started the new one.


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