the oh so important coffee date


Do you only have a short amount of free time, but you still want to get to know a new love-interest that has potential? Do you want to experience a different setting to see how well you get along with a new crush in a different environment? If you are only going out at night and frequenting the same venues with a love-interest, you may not be getting a true representation of who he or she really is. Here are 4 reasons why a daytime coffee date could be just the thing to help you to really get to know a new crush.


It’s shorter than a more formal nighttime date

Unless you and your date are really hitting it off and go back for refills, this date is supposed to be short and sweet…. around an hour or so. The coffee date is a great way to get together without committing to a large block of time with your new potential love-interest.


You get to see your date without beer goggles

Especially if you met in a dark setting or the majority of your dates have been in the evening, the daytime coffee date can be a great opportunity to really see what your love-interest actually looks like. Your chances are good that he or she will look like they did during your last dinner date, but why take chances? Let’s be honest…. Even though looks aren’t the most important thing; it would be unrealistic to say that they don’t matter. Sometimes someone can look totally different in the light of day and it’s better you know that sooner rather than later.


You can really  get to know each other in a casual environment

During the typical dinner and drinks date, you and your love-interest will probably be at a venue that has a lot of distractions including loud music and crowds. Most coffee shops have a quieter vibe and are a great place to enjoy stimulating conversation. If your love-interest has nothing to talk about without a ton of distractions, it may be a sign that you might not have much in common.


Notice changes in demeanor and energy in a daytime environment

Is your love-interest still ‘the life of the party’ even when the party is at a coffee shop or are they now more timid and reserved? Your date’s demeanor should not be drastically different from how it was during a nighttime soiree. Of course the coffee date is more relaxed and alcohol is not involved like it may have been on other dates, but it may be interesting to see how your date handles themselves during the day. He or she may be more nervous or less depending on their comfort level. Especially if things are heading into a more serious direction, you will surely be spending more time together during the day. The coffee date is a great way to test their daytime skills and see if you like their daytime personality.


Schedule a coffee date when you start liking a new love-interest. It allows you to see another side of his or her personality and determine if you can connect in a casual, no frills setting. If the coffee date goes well, you and your love-interest may be on your way to bliss in any date setting. Get out of your nighttime date-night rut and get know the daytime version of your love-interest.



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  • Lawrence
    October 14, 2013

    This is the only way to have a first date in my opinion

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