The Games People Play by @ChristyWrites

the games people play

The Games People Play by @ChristyWrites


Lately I have had a lot of people come to me and ask questions with regards to their partners actions and reactions to certain things. I have heard about a lot of mind games that apparently go on in a lot of peoples’ relationships. So, I wonder: why all the games?


During a relationship people seem to test their partner on their affections and love for them. But what happens when they don’t respond the way you want them too? Do you continue to play the same game and test them until you get a satisfactory response? It seems the more games people play, the more fights people get into.  I recently had a friend ask what I thought of his situation with a female he has been going back and forth with. I am not certain he liked my response!


Playing Games

Apparently, this girl has feelings for my friend, has told him that he is the only person who can see through her bullshit and tame her. But, she is dating another guy! She just met the new guy and continues to talk to my friend. She tells my friend everything he wants to hear — that she loves him and the new guy doesn’t mean anything to her. This being said, she is with the other guy and not my friend. I have told my friend that he needs to move on because even though she is telling him what he wants to hear, she is still not with him and is with another man.


Actions speak louder than words. If you are in a similar situation remember that no matter what they say, if they don’t do what they are saying then it means very little when it comes down to it. I feel in this instance she is holding on to another option in case the new guy doesn’t work out. In turn, my friend will get his heart broken if he continues to be fed these lies and actually believe it.


Honesty is the Best Policy

No matter what is said, what is done during your relationship will speak volumes. If they say they want to be with you then they better be with you and not someone else. In the end most people who play this game were probably hurt so badly before that they keep people they care for at arms length because they are too scared to feel something for someone good for them. They will get hurt by doing this to the person they actually should be with, but were too busy playing the game of “catch-me-if-you-can.”


Games only go so far in a relationship. If you like or love someone show them and tell them! Do unto others what you would want done to you. At least if it doesn’t work out you will know you did everything you could and were honest about your feelings towards them the whole time. Also, you won’t be left wondering what might have been had not played that one last game to push them away just to see if they would come running back to you. I will be honest, playing the pushing away game will only last so long before that person gets tired of showing you how much they care for you and finds someone else who sees them for who they truly are and not what you think in your head.



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