Online Dating Tips for Your First Date by @howcanufindlove

online dating tips for your first date

Online Dating Tips for Your First Date by @howcanufindlove

Online dating tips can give you just the right amount of leverage to create a window of opportunity for yourself to find a soulmate.


If you’re new to online dating websites, you already know what a frightening experience it can be. It’s not that online dating isn’t a great way to meet people, but the fact that you meet someone over the internet can cause all sorts of apprehensions. If you’ve started communicating with someone who is also using the site, you’ve probably exchanged a few emails and messages, and have a feel for the person in a virtual kind of way. That should help ease some of your concerns and worries about meeting face to face for the first time because, in a way, you already know something about that person. But these online dating tips will help you set the tone for an experience that could lead to something much bigger.


Online Dating Tips – The First Encounter

This is the crucial part of going on your first date with an online dating partner. The first rule of meeting someone new is to meet in a public place with lots of people. Remember that this is practically a blind date and you have no references other than their profile and credentials on the dating site. Let someone know exactly where you will be, and your plans for the evening. Don’t decide to meet too late or it might give the impression that this is a ‘booty call.’ Also, drive yourself to the meeting place rather than having your date pick you up – it’s safer that way.


In a situation like this, it’s better to assume the worst and make sure you have enough money to pay for yourself. It’s useful in case you want to get out of there early for some reason; perhaps the person doesn’t look at all like their profile photo or the photo was taken years ago when they were in the university and they’re not attractive to you in person. For whatever reason, be ready to jump ship at a moment’s notice. You can even ask a friend to give you a call soon after you’ve met the person as a kind of opportunity for you to make your excuses and leave.


The choice is yours as far as the date itself goes. You want to be in a public place but not one where you can’t even hear yourself think, let alone have a decent conversation. You could go for a boat ride, or to the museum of natural history or even for a cup of coffee to talk about things and get to know each other better.


If you have kids, let them know where you’re going and why, unless they’re too little to understand. On the date itself, stick to relatively impersonal questions unless he leads the conversation in that direction. You don’t want to seem too inquisitive but at the same time, you want to find out about him too.


And if you have a good time, tell him so. It may give you the opportunity of finding a soul mate if you really hit it off. You can then give him your number and wait a couple of days for him to call. If he does, then a new path has opened up for you. Don’t get worried if he doesn’t; if it’s meant to be, he will.


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