One Night Stand – Relationship or Not? by @LifeByteStory

One Night Stand - Relationship or Not

One Night Stand – Relationship or Not? by @LifeByteStory

Would you consider a one night stand a relationship or not?  I once asked a new friend if while they were working overseas for 10 years if they had many dates or any relationships. They turned to me and said, “do one night stands count?” I said, “No, excluding one night stands because they are not relationships.” She very seriously said, “oh, then none.” I was sort of shocked and then got curious and said, “and if one night stands are a relationship?” She, without a hesitation said, “oh, a lot. If I started counting I may lose count.” Well, that was TMI (Too Much Information).


 The Definition of RELATIONSHIP equal to a ONE NIGHT STAND?

The dictionary defines it as such:

Re·la·tion·ship //  (noun)

1. a connection, association, or involvement.

2. connection between persons by blood or marriage.

3. an emotional or other connection between people: the relationship between teachers and students.

4. a sexual involvement; affair.


OK, so if I take one sexual involvement or affair, then my new friend DID have a relationship. A LOT of relationships actually. But, when I think relationships, I think they are an emotional connection between people that take time to develop and sustain and not a one night stand. And sustaining them over time is what makes it a relationship and is what gives it depth and meaning.


Relationships Are A Function Of Time, Feelings & Commitment 


Perhaps I am being too Pollyanna, but I would like for us to not lose the 3D fulfillment that is a relationship.


So, a one-night stand where people have an immediate attraction and within hours their bodies are thrashing together climaxing with pleasure, does not have the time factor associated with what I think truly defines a relationship.


Yes, people have sex on their first date, but if it leads to dating and developing trust and feelings over time, then it IS a relationship.


So, if you are interested in a real relationship, do not distract yourself with one night stands. The momentary pleasure is short lived, but it does your psyche a disservice in the long term and could isolate you and prevent you from truly connecting with someone for the long haul. This is what I consider a LifeBtyte of Information. But, if you do continue to have one night stands, you may want to start categorizing the TYPE of relationships you have! ?


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