How to Pick the Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend by @SoloAt30

How to Pick the Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend by @SoloAt30


Although the major present-giving holidays have passed, it’s never too late to think about how to pick the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. This can be especially important to ponder when you have been dating someone for more than a few months but not quite a year. You are growing to know each other more closely, but are most likely not yet at the level of being able to read each others minds.  Having not yet experienced birthdays and holidays with each other, when the time comes to pick out the perfect gifts, it can feel overwhelming and especially challenging.


First, realise there is no one perfect gift

Unless your partner has spelled out their one dream present—which, let’s face it, makes things really easy for you, but is not much fun—you are going to have use your skills of observation and intuition. What is something your sweetie has mentioned more than once that they’d love to have someday? What are some of their hobbies that they’d love to develop further skills in? What’s something they’ve always wanted to learn but never gave themselves permission to?


One idea I got for the Warrior Poet was while randomly listening along to the radio: classic Guns ‘N Roses came on the station. While I was singing along, he said how much he loved those old songs, how he used to have two specific albums, and how he’d love to have those back one day. He never thought of it again, but I filed it away in my memory bank. Having already gotten him all the Rocky movies, made copies of all the CD’s by a band we both love and made a double, mixed CD of random music, I looked for the Guns ‘N Roses CD’s. A foodie, I also gave him a 600+ page book on cooking, the outdoors and a number of other topics I knew he would find interesting. He was touched by how much thought and time I had put into his presents.


Sometimes the best gifts are not material ones

My birthday is less than two weeks before Christmas. Because both the Warrior Poet and I have birthdays within a month of Christmas, we had agreed that we were going to just have a really big Christmas that covered our birthdays as well. Well, he agreed to that.


When he mentioned what a big deal he was making over a concert the week after my birthday, I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed that my birthday might not be acknowledged in a special way. Eventually I brought this up with him, saying I didn’t need anything big and showy, even a nice card or a homemade dinner would make me feel special. He said he already had plans in mind for the weekend.


I was completely unprepared for my birthday morning, which was during the week. I logged online and found the most heartfelt letter, mind-blowing in all ways that it expressed admiration and love for every part of me, as well as mention of the road ahead. I burst into happy tears. It was perfect. I didn’t need anything else.


Yet when I came downstairs there were two dozen roses also waiting for me. The upcoming weekend we went to a special restaurant that prepared delicious meals made of local, organic food (perfect for us foodies), where my love shared such powerfully moving words that also threatened to bring on tears. He also gave me one of my presents early – something that held great meaning for the two of us. Later on, we also caught a viewing of The Hobbit.


A birthday I was hesitant to celebrate became one of the most special ones of my life. My partner knew my love language(s) well, and he put great thought and love into his gifts for me. After my immediate reaction, he knew that the letter he wrote was gift enough to satisfy me for a long, long time. It truly was the perfect gift, and it didn’t cost a dime.


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