How To Be A Sensual Woman On A First Date by @themanmaven

how to be a sensual woman on a first date

How To Be A Sensual Woman On A First Date by @themanmaven

To be a sensual woman, live in the present moment. Be in your body around men, acutely aware of your environment and how it affects you.  Connect with a man by hearing everything he says and doesn’t say.  Lead from your heart, feeling things as you speak, and share them with him.


Make it your aim, when out with men, to be interested in the “now”.  Here are 3 ways to be a sensual woman and stay connected with him from moment to moment:


How To Be A Sensual Woman: Listen To Him With Compassion & Interest

Being sensual is about knowing how to listen in a way that lures a man into your goddess world, and the best way to lure him in is to make him feel understood and safe on an emotional level as you listen.


Every man you meet on a first date is sharing a bit of his inner world with you.  He’s exposing himself to you with the words he chooses and the ways in which he shares these words.  Be sensitive to this.  Don’t listen for your story inside his story and then bulldoze his experience with your own need to share things about you that have been triggered by his words.


Just be calm and absorb what he is trying to share.  Validate his experiences by saying things like, “That sounds like it’s exciting” or “Wow.  I’m really impressed. You really went through a lot and came out the other end with dignity.”


Give his words back to him with the gift of empathy attached like a bow wrapped around them.


Talk About Feelings, Not Ideas

While listening is about having empathy, speaking is about inviting him into your heart.  When you speak about your job or your friends and hobbies like they are ideas, you lose him.  When you can talk about these things from an emotional standpoint, you capture his love.


So instead of saying something like, “My job is hard.  It’s a fast paced environment and we all try to stay on top of deadlines and such”, say something that has feelings attached to it so that he gets a taste of your inner experience at work; “I feel conflicted about my job.  Some days I feel so anxious inside, running around to meet deadlines—scared I won’t be good and fast enough.  And sometimes I feel so strong inside, like I’m a fierce woman who can rise to a challenge.”


The first example is something he’ll relate to, but the second makes him feel you at work.  Suddenly, he knows you on all these intimate levels.


Melt Into The Furniture

A sensual woman lounges.  She aims to feel comfortable.


Now, she doesn’t confuse comfort with relaxation.  There’s a difference.  A cat can get comfortable but is never really relaxed.  When you are too relaxed in your body, you lose mindfulness and risk sitting like a truck driver and chewing with your mouth open.  When you are comfortable like a cat you are acutely aware of your inner and outer world but you are calm, soft and tension-free in your body.


If you want to learn more about being a sensual woman, come take a peek at my eBook, Red Rose Woman; The Enchantress Inside You.  It’s all about removing the emotional walls that make you brittle in your body and cerebral when speaking with men.  It’s about making you more YOU when with him, so that he has an intimate relationship with you right from the jump.  That’s when the butterflies for him begin.


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  • Rebeca Kasak
    March 18, 2013

    Smiling is a great way to cut the awkwardness of the first date. Smile often, and your date will feel more relaxed and comfortable around you immediately.

    • Kristina Marchant
      March 22, 2013

      Yes. It’s true! Smiling is great, but eye contact during a smile, where you see the soul of the other person in their eyes and truly take them in, is even better!

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