Finding Love at Christmas: Grab that Mistletoe! by @weezafish

finding love at christmas:grab that mistletoe

Finding Love at Christmas: Grab that Mistletoe! by @weezafish


Something rather lovely happens to the human race at large at Christmas time. For the most part, folk are more friendly, more loving. They’re happier, more open to having fun and going out. Prone to uncharacteristic donations to charity. I call it the ‘Christmas Spirit’.  It’s one of those times of year when you look at your loved ones and say “Hey, I friggin’ love you. I don’t say it enough, but I do”. And if you’re single, well it’s a great time of year for taking the plunge, grabbing the mistletoe and asking for that kiss you’ve been dreaming about.  Love at Christmas IS possible … just believe!


It Can Be a Lonely Time of Year

Haven’t we all suffered the Christmas blues? Single and no one to love and share it all with *sigh*


So use this in your favour! If you’re single, not only is it quite normal that you may feel lonely or a bit sad at Christmas time, all those other singles are likely feeling the same way.


So let’s get this straight; single men and women, feeling lonely, the Christmas Spirit got everyone feeling happy and loved up? Singles? What exactly are you waiting for?! There’s really no time of year when love is riper for the picking.


It’s a time to be brave, be silly, be forward. And you can get away with pretty much anything if you have the courage to take the chances and opportunities that come up.


Go Out

There’s a lot more socialising than normal going on at Christmas time and these social situations are the best times to make your oops-the-Christmas-spirit-got-me move.


Say YES to every invite, even the ones you don’t think you’ll enjoy are worth a drop by if you don’t know who’s going to be there. It’s about people you might meet, not the ‘cool’ or ‘glam’ situations, so don’t just accept the groovy invitations. If you find yourself at a party or a night out that’s really not your thing, don’t feel you have to stay but before you go – have a quick look for someone else looking bored or like they’re wishing they weren’t there. You may have a match!


If you’re looking for love (or friendship, fun, sex, whatever) you have to get out there and look, it’s not coming to your door or to your inbox. Well, it might but unless you have a thing for delivery men you’ll massively increase your chances if you actually get out there looking.


Get Tipsy, But Don’t Get Wasted

That might be an odd tip coming from someone who hardly ever drinks. But you know one time I do? Christmas. I think it’s all the increased social activity. I am confident in company but in large groups of people I sometimes go quiet and thoughtful, I’m not one to compete for attention normally so I find I sit back and listen rather than joining in.


One large cocktail (which takes me three hours to sip) and I’m a chattier, more outgoing version of me. Too MUCH alcohol and it’s not so good.


Get tipsy, is that an English expression? Tipsy means that first flush you get, after a drink or two. You feel a bit of a rush, you feel a bit more special. Like me, you feel chattier and more outgoing. That feeling you can use to your advantage.


I don’t mean to encourage drinking, but in my experience Dutch Courage works well. Getting so drunk you can’t stand up will most definitely NOT work well so STOP when you get to tipsy and switch to water or soft drinks for a bit.


Your chosen mistletoe target might think “wow” to themselves when you trip over yourself and land flat on your face in a giggly mess at their feet, but personally I wouldn’t risk it.


Feeling it? Get Festive

Feeling an urge to don some tinsel? Add some Christmas sparkle to your outfits? Boys, as always, your choices are more limited than the girls, which is unfair really but you know what? Christmas time you’ll not only get away with walking around in a pair of Santa pants and a beard, you’ll get noticed lots. Many girls actually find they like it …


As for you ladies, depending on your confidence and the occasion, you can go from a little bit of sparkle in your make up and accessories to a full blown Sexy Miss Santa outfit complete with mistletoe hair piece. You know how many single guys Christmas fantasies that would make right there? Maybe save that one for a night out with the girls though or a mainly singles do. I’m not entirely sure that old guy in Accounting’s heart could take it at the works do and it would just be a tad odd if you wore it at the family do. Imagine your Grans face!


And when it comes to dressing up, I would normally say things like “subtle works best”, “don’t take it too far” or “think elegant sparkle rather than kids Christmas crafting with a glitter box” but honestly, unlike at any other time of year, at Christmas time you can go out dressed up as festively as you dare and you’ll get noticed with an almost guaranteed positive response. You’ll get lots of smiles, you’ll get lots of positive attention and if you meet a Scrooge, just shout “Humbug” and move on.


Most people you meet will love your Christmas spirit, so use the opportunity to help you stand out and get noticed in a good way.


Make Your Move

So you took the invites, you added some Christmas sparkle and you’re OUT!! Surrounded by folks having festive fun and you’re about to make your move on that special someone or hotty you just spotted.


Or are you up against the wall feeling shy and silly, wishing you were back home?


There’s certainly times in life for nerves and fear, but I say try save them for the times you’re actually looking over a cliff edge, so to speak. Approaching another fellow human being is not a cliff edge. Promise.


And shyness is a terrible human trait really, it can be attractive but truthfully it does us little good. Shyness holds us back, stop us from living our lives as we’d like to.


Again, remember the Christmas spirit factor is stacking the odds in your favour if you’re feeling shy or nervous about making a move or approaching someone. Whether it’s someone you’ve known and had your eye on for a while or a complete stranger who’s caught your eye across the room, chances are, even if you don’t get the response you’re after the response you do get will still be friendly. It’s a special kind of arsehole that can be rude to someone wearing reindeer antlers at Christmas time, and thankfully there’s not many of them about.


Love at Christmas is All Around You

The opportunities don’t end at nights out either. Even the bus driver, your work colleagues and the guy who serves you coffee in your favourite coffee bar every day is more smiley and open hearted at this time of year.


So put your phone away and lift your head up, smile at the people you meet and wish them a Merry Christmas. You may be surprised at the warmth you get back and you never know what it may lead to.


Just get out there and take some small risks in the name of Christmas Spirit. Truly, now is the time more than any other time to do what we should all do all year round. Tell that special someone how you really feel. Smile and hold eye contact with that hot guy/chick. BE the person you can only imagine yourself being at times.


Grab that mistletoe and go for it I say, what’s to lose really? If it starts going tits up, tell them some daft moo called WeezaFish told you to get drunk and do silly things whilst dressed as a snowman. It’s a conversation starter at least.


Good luck! I wish you all a very Merry and Loving Christmas.


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