The Difference Between Flirting and Chasing A Guy by @themanmaven

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The Difference Between Flirting and Chasing A Guy by @themanmaven

Being a straight guy in the dating world is tough.  Dudes risk rejection all the time.  It must feel awful to muster up the courage to approach a pretty girl and then be brushed off.

It’s even worse if you’ve thrown down some dough for her drinks before she slinks off to the ladies room and you never see her again.  Admit it, you’ve done that to a poor bastard!


Because we all know that most guys have a hard time putting themselves out there, we women sometimes make the mistake of compensating for their lack of assertiveness.  After all, it’s the 21st century and women are more liberated than ever.


The problem is that sometimes we get too assertive and come off as aggressive and even desperate.  One or two shots of ‘liquid courage’ and it’s so easy to assume that being a sassy, fun-time gal with a sexy, bossy side will wrangle in the men.  Well, if you are hot or witty enough, it probably will.  However, the fun-time, loud and sassy girl gets laid but she may not get asked out again once the morning comes.


Masculine Vs. Feminine Energy: One Leaves You Chasing A Guy

When you have too much masculine energy with men and end up the purser, the hunter, the conversation ringleader, a man feels like you’re easy.  By easy I don’t mean a slut, I mean that he can sense that your attention is FREE and he doesn’t have to do anything to get it.


Men want to be the hunters—at least the caliber men who have confidence and own their “power to provide”.  When you have masculine energy, a guy may label you a sexy challenge and the power plays between you both might make him randy for some hay-rollin’, but it’s your FEMININE ENERGY that will inspire his heart and make him knight-up and treat you with respect.  Your feminine energy makes him work to come close and to keep you feeling admired.  The harder he has to work to not lose you, the more value you will have in his eyes.


Feminine Energy Welcomes Men Closer

Now I don’t mean you should play hard-to-get or be brittle and/or demanding. Feminine energy is about being available for anything—a conversation, a free drink, a ladylike dance on the dance floor (ladylike means the opposite of what you’re doing at the reggae club!)  Feminine energy lets you feel calm and loose in your body and allows you to absorb and thrive off male attention.  It allows you to wink across the bar at a hot guy who’s staring or touch a man softly when he makes a funny joke.  Feminine energy makes you approachable, fun to be around and nonthreatening.  When you combine it with strong boundaries, you’re worth in his eyes upsurges.


Masculine energy or the other hand would make you spot the dude staring across the bar and compel you to buy him a drink.  It would make you claw at some nice gentleman you just met instead of softly, subtly caress him once or twice as you laugh together.  It’d make you talk over him and at him instead of connect with him.  Masculine energy is an intimacy blocker and keeps you walled off from your soft, playful, tender and sensual side.  Men fall in love with you when you lead from your soft side:  His heart gets involved when yours invites him closer, not when you challenge him to a game of one upmanship.



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