Generate some online dating confidence! by @JoelBild

generate online dating confidence

Generate some online dating confidence! by @JoelBild

Sometimes it’s tough to get the results you want through your online dating profile – you just can’t quite express the real you in your profile text, you’re not sure of the photo, you don’t seem to be getting much action and it takes such a long time just to get a date, then to top it all off, the dates you have are with stuttering wrecks who look ten years older than their photo! I’ve been there! Well, leave the online dating blues behind and generate some online dating confidence!!

Generating online dating confidence!

Being confident is knowing you’ve done all you can to maximise your dating profile and are completely happy with it. You’re online presence is well groomed, well clothed and raring to go! Being confident is also about knowing that you don’t have to spend loads of time sifting out the real potentials, that they will find you. So how do you get to this point?


1) Get a professional photograph – man or woman, you’re worth it! It’s well documented that the photo is by far the most important feature of your profile, not because people are superficial, but because it’s the first filter people use to reject profiles and move on. It’s a fact of life, get over it and get the best damn photo you can. Also, never ever hide the photo on your profile – that is not confidence, get it out there and be proud of the best looking you!


2) Don’t reveal too much in your profile! In fact you should write no more than two or three short-ish sentences for any section. You need to leave an air of mystery for any of your profile viewers – the whole fun of dating is getting to know someone bit by bit. Don’t spoil this before you’ve met them!


3) Ask an irresistable question! You will really maximise the number of messages you receive by asking a great question right at the end of the ‘What you’re looking for’ type section. Something that shows off your sense of humour, is flirty, confident, a challenge perhaps.


For example, if you want someone to have lots of adventures with, you can ask something like “if I decided to take you on a date, how can you re-assure me that you’d be able to keep up?!” Of course, if you set up any expectation you need to be confident that you can deliver! This example would probably set up a high expectation of a fast paced and exciting date!


Most importantly, be confident in who you are – you’re one of a kind!


Preparation = confidence = dates

I will summarise briefly: to become a confident online dating machine, attracting quality potential dates to your profile you need to be confident about your profile – you need to make the best possible effort, why wouldn’t you want to present the best you? Your profile needs to be well groomed including that professional photo, a concise snippet of who you are and an irresistable question!


Most importantly, be confident in who you are – you’re one of a kind! Believe this before, during and after writing your profile and it will come across. Trust me, you’ll be fighting them off!


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