5 Signs That You’ve Met Your Prince Charming by @RomanceNvrDie

5 Signs That You’ve Met Your Prince Charming by @RomanceNvrDie

Every woman dreams about it – finally meeting the love of your life who sweeps you off of your feet, and living with him happily ever after. He is your Prince Charming, and your life will never be the same as it was before he came along. But for many of us, it’s not quite as easy as it is in the storybook romance. We fall in love, and everything seems to be going as it should, but there’s still those nagging little doubts – is he the one? Is this the romance that will never be bettered? Is this my Price Charming? These questions are perfectly natural – humans are doubtful and somewhat suspicious by nature, and that’s necessary for survival. Here are 5 signs that most likely indicate your Prince has arrived.

Butterflies In The Stomach


Whenever you’re with him there’s this fluttery feeling inside of you. No, it’s not nausea, it’s the butterflies of love that stir your soul and make you realize that he is the one you want to spend your life with. Romance is the norm rather than the exception with this guy, because in his presence there is nothing but romance, and life itself becomes one passionate moment after another – it’s that good.


“Even with imperfections he is a better person than anyone else you have ever met, and your love for him just keeps growing the more you learn about him.”

When He Walks In The Room…


When you’re not with him, there’s an empty ache inside that seems like it might tear you apart, and when he comes into the room after an absence, your heart couldn’t have grown any fonder. You want to kiss him, make love to him, and show him that no one else could ever mean what he means to you. And that’s just after the first few seconds of his entrance.

Almost Perfect


At the same time, he has his small imperfections. But these little things actually endear him to you even more, because you recognize that without them, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate his degree of almost perfection. Even with these imperfections he is a better person than anyone else you have ever met, and your love for him just keeps growing the more you learn about him. You even look forward to knowing more of his deviations from being perfect, just so you can love him more.

Unconditional Love Is All Around


Everyone talks about it, but it is rare to experience it. The idea of unconditional love is sometimes hard to accept, but with this guy it becomes an everyday occurrence. You don’t care what he has done, where he has been, or who he used to be. You only know that right now, he is the man that you love without condition, without a doubt, and who you would be over the moon to be proposed to by. And the great thing is that he loves you in exactly the same way. You both recognize that the past is over, and your future is so bright that nothing can get in the way.

No Future Without Prince Charming


Finally, your bright future together precludes any other possibility. There is simply no chance or even possibility that you could find someone better than your Price Charming. You have waited patiently for a long time, and he has arrived in your life at exactly the right time. You no longer feel incomplete, alone, or afraid. And it’s all because of him and his love, and your love for him.

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  • Rebeca Kasak
    February 28, 2013

    The truth is, a happy, well-adjusted couple doesn’t have to chase what could be or should be. A good relationship just is.

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