Talking Honesty by @SingleCGirl

Talking Honesty by @SingleCGirl

Lately I have had so much going on in my life that it has gotten to the point I sometimes feel like I am on edge.  Normally I am a very laid back, easygoing gal that kind of just goes with the flow of life, kind of taking every day as it is, learning from the good, bad and indifferent.  But over the last few months, one subject has been recurring in my life over and over and it has to do with honesty. This week’s post I’ll be talking honesty, and why it really is important.


Talking Honesty

Even though this has to be one of my biggest pet peeves, I know there has been times when I too have been guilty of being dishonest to the people around me, mostly because I hate the fact of hurting peoples feelings.  But if there is one thing that I have learned, it is that regardless what you do in your life, there is always going to be someone that can get hurt feelings from your actions, honest or dishonest.  You cannot control how others are going to react, you can only control how you act.


Maybe why I am thinking so much about this lately is because there are a few guys in the past few months that I have been interested in.  One of them was the security guard that I talked about in “Psst I have a crush on you“.  After months of flirting, I finally found the courage to tell him that I had a crush on him.  Only to have him say “a crush hey, that is cool!” gave me knuckles and told me that we can talk about it later.  The thing is this was now about two months ago, yes when we see each other we are working and yes this is really not the best place to talk about having a crush on him.  But at the same time, it has been two months and every time we have talked the subject has not come up.  At this point I only have to assume that he is not interested at all (but I don’t want to assume, because assuming makes asses of us all), but I wish that he would just be honest about it, tell me, yes it will suck a bit, but in the end I can move on.


[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]I have a hard time respecting and trusting a person after I found out that something on their dating profile was not true.[/quote] It is even like, on some peoples dating profiles, I have never understood why people need to be dishonest about their age or even the job they do.  I have a hard time respecting and trusting a person after I found out that something on their dating profile was not true.  Plus why would I want to date someone who would be dishonest on something as simple as a dating profile?  So what if you have reach a certain age, or that you do not like the job you do, not everyone does.  But really if you are honest from the beginning, I would think that you would have a better chance in finding happiness.


I think in life honesty goes a long way, it keeps communication open and flowing, it helps us understand what others may need or want from us and it helps us just be in a better place.  Yes I am not going to deny that sometimes honesty does hurt (but so does dishonesty).  But the more that we are honest, not only with our selves but others too, maybe the happier we will be in our own lives.  Be safe and happy dating!


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