Naked Confidence: Aphrodite, Ogres, and Body Image by @DirtyInPublic

naked confidence

Naked Confidence: Aphrodite, Ogres, and Body Image by @DirtyInPublic

Often in dating the moment of panic comes not the first time your eyes meet but the first time your bodies meet. The anxiety and self-doubt rise to the surface as your clothes fall to the floor. It’s incredible how you’re flying high and feeling like the sexiest woman alive-is suddenly sabotaged by the realization that you are a week over due for your waxing or gained a few pounds forsaking the gym for girl’s-night-out one too many times. Too thick, too thin, not smooth, not tanned or the ill-timed and placed blemish can transform the image of you as Aphrodite that danced in your head while you were dressed into Shrek’s counterpart once your clothes have been cast off.

But here’s the thing ladies…odds are he is just so damned happy to have YOU standing in front of him, naked,  ready, willing and able to have sex that he doesn’t even notice or care that your vajayjay isn’t exactly battle ready. Truth is being sexy has more to do with a confident attitude than with your dress size. The body image we have of ourselves and the reality that a man sees in front of him rarely match. Fact is if things go well, you’ll get a second chance and can present your bod in full glory on your next rendezvous. It would be a shame to let an utterly sweet, exhilarating moment pass you by because it was your off day to shave. I agree that taking care of yourself; exfoliating, waxing, putting on make-up and working out show that you take pride in you. However, there are times when living life forces our attention to personal care details to take a back seat. Don’t allow unrealistic expectations derail your chance at happiness and pleasure.

He doesn’t even notice or care that your vajayjay isn’t exactly battle ready.

Bottom-line: He is so thrilled to be close to you that he doesn’t notice the little blemishes that scream like wicked beacons in the mirror at you. My advice is to relax, let go of your inner ogre and get naked. He thinks you’re hot…You Are Hot… blemishes, stubble, folds and all!

Unleash your inner sexy and strip with pride!

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  • Singlewarehouse
    October 18, 2012

    Excellent post – I loved reading it

  • Martin Pratt
    November 12, 2012

    no shaving, no stubble, no problem

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