Metro Pass – Mating a Metrosexual by @CarrieBlogshaw

Metro Pass – Mating a Metrosexual by @CarrieBlogshaw

Ahhh, the mystery of the modern metrosexual male…


Is it me, or are metrosexual men multiplying at an alarming rate? The more I look, the more I find. They are popping up at work, at bars, at the mall, at spas (well, of course) and, worst of all, online. I was recently contacted by a man who had an okay profile (seriously – it was only okay) but when I looked at the picture, I was taken aback. He was standing outside a museum (first metro man clue), wearing a blazer and jeans, his hair was perfectly in place and… he was wearing a scarf. No, it was not a winter scarf. It was a perfectly tied and styled scarf that was meant to look casual with his beautiful blazer. He looked feminine. He was wearing an accessory.. He looked… French!


Is Mating a Metrosexual An Option?

I have to say that I really don’t get the metrosexual look at all. Are they gay? Straight?? Significantly in touch with their sister-side???

Now, I like my men manly. I’m the first to admit it. I know some women who like softer, slimmer, even hair-free men (ew!). However, even my girly-man-going girlfriends will admit that the metrosexual male takes it too far and that mating a metrosexual isn’t really for them.

Is it okay for men to wear a murse like Becks sometimes? Absolutely! There’s something attractive about a practical man. Is it okay for a man to pull his hair back into a ponytail if he needs to? Yes! We women know how frustrating it is to deal with stray hairs. Is it okay for a man to wear a scarf? Of course – our necks get cold in the winter, too. Is it okay for a man with a waxed back, belly and balls with a tube of lip balm in his pocket to wear a ponytail while carrying a murse and potentially sporting a casually wrapped typically feminine accessory around his neck? I think I’ll take a Metro Pass on that!


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