Cougar Dating and the Law of Attraction for Love by @howcanufindlove

law of attraction for love

Cougar Dating and the Law of Attraction for Love by @howcanufindlove

The Law of Attraction for Love is ready to handle just about anything, but are you? As an older woman, there are a couple of things you could think about before invoking the Law of Attraction for Love:


This is the first question you will face from yourself and it needs to be answered. Whether you just want to be with the ‘in’ crowd, be a mother-figure to him or just own a fancy toy boy for a bit, you need to identify that ‘why?’ Why? Because no matter whom you choose to go with and why, you will still be the only person to complete you and nothing can take that identity away.

How Do I Find True Love through the Law of Attraction for Love?

Your question is contained right in the answer, in part. Of course you’ll find true love using this law. It has never failed before, though it’s been known to show itself in strange ways sometimes. The truth is that it might even attract some bad luck along the way. People will talk and people will judge you by your outward actions. People you know and people you don’t might mock you or label you. If you can stand through this, then the Law will work effortlessly to bring you to find a soulmate.

How Well-matched Are You?

The flip side of this relationship should also be discussed here. Will your younger man be able to handle the intellect, experience and even finance that you throw at him – figuratively speaking, of course? How patient can you be? Will he feel awed and driven away by your elevated experience or will he feel enriched by and drawn to it? Is he going to feel inferior in your presence or will you foster a feeling of equality, allowing him to be a man instead of treating him like a boy? These are questions you will face whether you want them or not.

How Secure Are You?

Younger women may naturally find your toy boy attractive and even try and make moves on him. Can you handle that when it’s done right under your nose? Does he feel that he has the freedom to make a choice at that point? More questions!

Fortunately, there are several great online resources that you can trust to help you find a soulmate. They will help answer all your questions about cougar dating and how to handle the different scenarios that might emerge – major or minor. Armed with information, you can now do battle with the still-immature prejudices of this world and show them that you can be your own woman.

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  • Kim Hawkins
    November 7, 2012

    Interesting points Lorii. Knowing why you are pursuing a relationship says more about you than the other person. We need to listen to our hearts and know our own intentions in a relationship.

    • Lorii Abela
      January 14, 2013

      That is correct, Kim Hawkins. Every person you attract is a reflection of yourself. The question is, “are you happy with who you are reflecting?” If not, you need to do some inner work. Identify what do you really want.

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