Buying Drinks For Women by @SingleCGirl

buying drinks for women

Buying Drinks For Women by @SingleCGirl

Last Monday while at the bar with friends I noticed something that really bugs me.  It makes me want to ask:

Men why are you suckers?

Don’t get me wrong because I am not trying to be mean here.  I just don’t get why so many men spend so much of their hard earned money so easily.


She was flirting with him, acting all sweet and lightly touching him. [/quote] But I guess in order to continue this post I should finish my story.  On Monday while at the bar my best friend and I decided that we would do some people watching.  I noticed a very attractive young lady, who I first noticed when my friend and I were waiting to get a drink at the bar.  She was in line with a man buying her a drink with what looked to be the last of his money (he was paying basically in change and digging though his pockets).


She was flirting with him, acting all sweet and lightly touching him.  The next time my friend and I saw her, she was moving from table to table of men and at each table having at least one man buying her a drink, she would flirt with the guys until the drink came and then excuse herself, finish her drink and then move on.  I don’t think I saw her buy one drink for her self the whole evening.



Buying a woman a drink at a bar really isn’t that bad guys…



Why guys do you fall for this?

Personally, I have never gone to the bar expecting someone to buy me a drink.  If someone does buy me one it is just an added bonus to my night out.  But for the girl in my story, it was her goal.  She was using the fact that she was very pretty and her flirting skills (which I do have to say were very good) to have men buy her drinks.  Of course it is not the first time I have seen this.  But these type of girls really bug me and I just end up shaking my head at the guys who fall for it.


Of course, guys I am not going to tell you what to do, if you want to buy a girl a drink, that is okay, go ahead.  But maybe the next time you are out with your friends watch what is going on around you.  Open your eyes before you open you open up your wallet!  Be safe and happy dating!



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