An Ape-Like Kind of Love by @DatingDallas

An Ape-Like Kind of Love

An Ape-Like Kind of Love by @DatingDallas


I’m about to admit something that I am a little embarrassed about. The other day, while I was babysitting, the kids chose to watch the Disney movie Tarzan. Now, most of you all know the story line and know that it’s not a tear jerker, but I definitely cried at the end of the movie and felt ridiculous!

At first, I wanted to blame my reaction on emotions or lack of energy, but deep down I knew that wasn’t the case. The last time I cried because of a Disney movie was when I was… 10, maybe 12, so I knew there was something deeper that I needed to explore.

Tarzan, who is a complex character filled with strength, fearlessness, leadership and courage, falls for Jane first. For him, he felt the instant connection because he and Jane were of the same species. His curiosity fed into friendship, friendship into love. By the end of the movie, Tarzan chooses to leave his homeland and move to England to be with Jane.

Jane on the other hand is a little more rational. She held onto all of the things that got in the way of her feelings for Tarzan like: language, custom, knowledge, and of course the ever daunting fact that they would soon be a half a world away.

When Tarzan shows up to get on the boat to England with Jane, Jane is somewhat overjoyed, but still rational.

Jane doesn’t let go of her rationality until after a turn of events, Tarzan must stay in Africa and lead his pack.

The movie ends with Jane dramatically jumping off the boat and swimming to the shoreline where she throws her arms around Tarzan and gives him a big smooch.

Jane realizes that she loves Tarzan despite all of the reasons as to why she shouldn’t.

And cue the tears.

After much thought and heart examinations, I realized that I cried not because of Disney’s portrayal of the story of Tarzan, but because I realized that I associated myself with

Jane and I reacted the way I did because of Disney’s portrayal of the love story between Tarzan and Jane.

In the end, I didn’t know if I was capable to do what Jane had done… again. Throw out all rationalization for love. Or maybe even give someone the chance despite the reasons as to why I think it wouldn’t work out.

I have done that in the past and that’s what landed me brokenhearted and scared. Deep down I do believe there is someone out there for whom I can throw all rationalization out the door. But for now, I’m going to stick with baby steps.

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  • Singlewarehouse
    November 8, 2012

    Everyone has cried at a Disney Movie…even me!

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