Single …And What? by @Hayleyallen

single...and what?

Single …And What? by @Hayleyallen

What is so wrong with being single?              

I’m single and even I judge myself what I don’t get is, why is being single seen as such a bad thing by society. I say “fuck you” if I’m single and alone it’s MY choice and to be frank it IS MY choice it’s not because I have three nipples or smell of damp.


(I would like to make readers aware that the past two statements ARE NOT TRUE in relation to the author. In fact she has two lovely nipples and smell of viva la juicy by juicy Couture.).


If we didn’t want to be single, we would just meet someone and go out with them. However that’s only if you don’t care about looks or personality (or if they smell of damp). I say I’m single because I’ve done the whole relationship ‘just because the sex is good’ (he wasn’t very interesting and he was in a band. He wasn’t interested in me but I had tits and I was there) so now, I’m actually going to hold out for the one. Not my ‘prince charming’ as we all know he doesn’t exist in the real world… unless you believe in Disney. I want to wait for a guy who gives me butterflies when I see him and one where I catch myself smiling to myself when I think of him.



Why waste your time?



I say me being single for this long is just my way of getting all the relationship mistakes out of the way before HE comes around the corner… Tall, Dark Hair, Cute, Tattoos and Piercing (Optional yet required) and if he doesn’t come along, I’m off to the pet shop for a cat, no big deal.


Now-a-days we are getting more tricky when it comes to partners but why the hell not? Don’t we deserve the best? I know I do! But until then, I’m going to continue to be me and be happy!


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