Indecisive Lily by @SingleCGirl

Indecisive Lily by @SingleCGirl

I have now been on a few of the online dating sites for about a month now, I have been on a few dates with a few different guys.  But the thing I find a little funny is that all of these guys ask me the same question.


“What are you looking for in a man?”


First of all you maybe wondering why I think it is funny because it is a very good question and one that most people should ask.  But for me every time I am asked this question, I really do not know how to answer it and that is why I think it is funny, it is an uncomfortable funny for me.  I guess the one other thing that you need to know about me to understand my reasoning for this being funny is that I am one of the most indecisive people that I know and all of my friends know.  Give me two or even three good options and watch me go into a panic attack, I will never be able to make the choice and usually in the end the other person will have to make it.  So when it comes to men and trying to figure out what I want, I feel as though I can never decide.


Indecisive Lily

It’s not always easy to decide…


Personally, I think as a woman who really is indecisive I wish that it was more acceptable to have more then one man in my life with out being labelled by society.  There is a lot of great men out there!!  All with their own qualities to bring to the relationship.  I find it really hard to pick just one.  I have never really understood why it is so wrong to be in a relationship with more then one person, especially if everyone involved is willing and accepting of the relationship.


Okay maybe a little off topic.  But for me I do know there are “musts” a guy must have before I will meet him.  The most important is for the guy to be understanding that I have two kids and that especially in the beginning I may not be able to see him all the time.  Of course there are a few other things too, like having a job, friends, hobbies, etc.


I don’t know maybe I am just feeling the frustration of dating.  Or maybe I just want my cake and eat it too.  I seem to be always going though this situation and the anxiety of all of this just makes me want to give up on the hole dating thing and just accept that maybe it is best that I just stay single for the rest of my days…. hahaha.  Yeah that is it.


But really the question still puzzles me, “what am I looking for in a man?” *Sigh* I really do not know… So guys if you meet the main few items that I listed above, then why don’t we just meet and go from there.  I usually know with in an hour of meeting someone if there are interesting enough to pursue.


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