Adding Her as a FaceBook Friend by @lbigfoot

Adding her as a facebook friend

Adding Her as a FaceBook Friend by @lbigfoot

Hey friends, me again. For my entry today I want to raise an issue and get your thoughts (some singles dating advice) back on this. There are two similar issues at hand here, so bear with me.


Somehow you get the telephone number of a prospective date, whether it is from a site like Singles Warehouse, JDate or she wrote it on your palm in a pub. Actually with me she started writing it on my palm but I stopped her. “I have an iPhone,” I yelled. OK, I digress.


Anyway, you have the number and you call her up when it is convenient for you. A word of advice here from someone who knows nothing, call her after sport when you are on a “high”. Do not call her after you have had a flat tire.



Adding her as a facebook friend

Figuring out when to add her without being guilty of Facebook stalking can be tricky



Anyway, you chat with her and decide to meet. The date does not go as well as you wanted and there is not going to be another date.  All cool.  Here is the dilemma.  At what stage do you add her telephone number to your phone book? My memory is quite good and if I see the last four digits of a number, I will often know who it is. But when do YOU add the number? When you first get the number? After the initial call? And on the other end of the scale, when do you remove her number?


On a similar note, when do you add her as a Facebook friend? This is an embarrassing issue. On some first dates that I have had in recent months, the women have asked me to add them as friends, on the first date. I am always taken aback by that because it is too soon, but hey with the promise of possible intimacy in an hour or so, how can I refuse? I must remember not to take my phone on the date with me. I have actually started actively switching it off in front of her: “I want to give you all my attention.” But suppose you have fallen into my trap and added her on the first date, or even the second date and it does not work out, when do you unfriend her, or don’t you? Problem is that unfriend is not enough as she is still subscribed to you. So calling her names etc, she can actually respond!  Help!


What do you do? I’m so confused … I need some Singles Dating Advice and I’m looking forward to your comments!

Get out and date, my friends!

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