Could Your Date Be The Real Deal? by @AlexiaSaysLove

could your date be the real deal?

Could Your Date Be The Real Deal? by @AlexiaSaysLove

10 Signs Your Online Date Could Be The Real Deal

Online dating can be a minefield.  How do you separate the genuine from the dud ones?  No straight answer there, just make sure you have your thinking hat on.


But there are some great ones out there, right?  Marriages have been known to be formed from online dates! So when dating someone, how do you know he could be the real deal?  You don’t have friends to veto them out, no work colleagues to give you the low down, and you only know so much from google-ing them (By the way – thank god for Linkedin!).  So here are some signs to look out for that he could be a keeper:


  1. He pays for the first three dates.   Of course, you should always offer but a gentleman wants to appear chivalrous and make a great first impression.
  2. He doesn’t flinch when you mention the following words: weddings, marriage, babies, engagements, commitment, homeowner, love, romance, long-term and serious.
  3. You talk about things you like and he agrees with you.  Even better, he talks about things he likes and you agree with him.  There is nothing like finding things in common with that ‘me too!’ moment.
  4. He makes all the arrangements for the dates.  He books the restaurant/picks the bar, picks a time, collects you or organises transport home – separately of course.
  5. He doesn’t invite himself back to yours after each date, trying his luck.
  6. He calls and texts when he says he would.  And they can be short or long messages as long as he asks you how your day was!
  7. If it happens to be your birthday, he had better take you out to dinner or lunch or make some other effort of similar ilk.
  8. He is not afraid to talk about his goals, the future, what he has planned for the weekend, what his next holiday may be.  Anyone afraid of forward planning – chuck!
  9. He looks into your eyes while making love and holds you in his arms after making love.  Altogether now – aaaaahhhh!
  10. He simply makes you laugh.  Without trying.  Enough said.


  • singledatingdiva
    May 12, 2012

    Great post and I totally agree with you!

  • Alex
    May 12, 2012

    Thanks! Now if only I could take my own advice…..

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