6 Reasons Why PERHAPS You’re Single… by @whatthelove

6 reasons why perhaps you're single

6 Reasons Why PERHAPS You’re Single… by @whatthelove

Reason Number One: You’re so “picky.”

Unfortunately, this may be code for being shallow or having low self-esteem.  Picky people usually want someone who makes them look good simply by standing next to them.  I am not talking about having standards, I am talking people who treasure looks over the ability to articulate sentences.  Translation: You want a trophy.


But I digress.


In the end, if you’re too picky to see a good guy or girl, you are missing out on something wonderful, and hence that may be the very reason that you are still single.


P.S.  Most trophies are shiny on the outside and hollow on the inside…GET IT?


Reason Number Two: You don’t act like you want someone.

This reason is for the people with the permanent frowns on their faces—or their hearts. Everywhere they go, people ask them if they are mad or upset, or the people that they date always say how mean they are.


While this may be your, err…their, usual face, it’s really not attractive.  Being mean is not attractive (usually).  If you’re looking and or acting “mean,” then it’s possibly a turn-off.


I know, I know, it’s your defence mechanism.  We get it.  But realise that most people are not out to get you, so consider looking pleasant, and being nice.


Reason Number Two.1: And you further make it clear that you don’t want to be with someone because you don’t treasure the relationships that you have.

Note to self, having friends, and family (some of your family) is just dress rehearsal for the romantic relationship that you hope to have some day.


When you disregard, or disrespect your loved ones, all you do is tell “the universe” that you aren’t ready to receive the gift of love.  Sounds a bit profound, but definitely has merit.  Think about it.


Reason Three:  Your friends haven’t told you…but you have issues.

If you’re still single and can handle the responses, ask your friends for their opinions.


If you’ve been single more than 5 years of your adult life, you probably have numerous habits in your life that work for you, but may not work for a potential significant other.


Okay, just we’re clear, here’s a short list of habits:

If you:

  • Mother people.
  • Smother people.
  • Act like a mother _____(you get the point)
  • Or call people mother ____ (again, you get the point)…

…then these are habits that could keep you single.

If you suspect that this is you, then that’s okay.  I heard it takes 21 days to break a habit…let’s call this day one.


Now, there may be someone who actually likes these behaviours, but as you date, enter into relationships, and even have  a few mini-you’s, it will become important that you consider others, and learn to be reasonable and rational (at least sometimes).


Reason Four: You claim that you’ve given up on being with/finding someone.

I hear this one a lot, and usually it’s not the truth.


The only reason that you may have given up is because of the last  people you dated.  They were unqualified to be with you, and made that clear within weeks or months of your first meeting. It happens…


Despite the fact that these individuals weren’t “the one,” they are no reason to give up.


There is someone (in fact, probably more than one someone) who is ready to appreciate and love you for all the things that you are—including some of those things in Reason Three—and they have been just as frustrated as you are, but they are still searching for you.


So, you keep looking and hoping for them.


Reason Four.1: You find someone and you’re terrified to love them.

Now, at some point, you have to come off the fence.  I realise that there is a significant amount of baggage in tow, but you have to give someone the chance to make their own mistakes.


Hopefully, you’ve done enough due diligence and have qualified this person be in your life  If so, then enjoy the ride.  Get to know them, maybe you’ll even fall in love, and maybe this time (pausing for dramatic effect) it will even last.


Then again, you could always just stay single, right?


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  • singledatingdiva
    May 17, 2012

    I totally agree with you … sometimes we send the wrong messages to prospective suitors by giving off the wrong energy. We need to step back and recognize if what we’re sending out is what we want received. I know after my divorce I was terrified of even hearing the word “marriage” but it was because I wasn’t ready yet and because of that I attracted low lifes. Now that I am ready, it’s a different story. Thanks Coach Steph!!

    • Coach Steph
      May 17, 2012

      Thanks for the comment! I am glad you liked the article and I am even “gladder” that you are ready for a long-term relationship. Xoxo…

  • singlegirlie
    May 19, 2012

    THANK YOU for using the word “perhaps.” My pet peeve is when people think they have the definitive answer for people they’ve never even met. Kudos.

    • Singles Warehouse
      May 19, 2012

      With relationships and dating I think that all answers can only be 50/50 but everything can be good advice. There are probably points from every post on this site that fit some of us and some that really don’t…I can relate to some of those reasons thou…

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